Christmas food

Is intermittent fasting a way to compensate for Christmas excesses?

The Christmas holidays bring anyone to their senses. The endless menus and the gastronomic excesses characterize this period of the year of which some and some leave with a couple of pounds of more....
Back pain relief

Sitting too long? Learn how to relieve your back

Unfortunately, one of the positions we abuse most in these times of restricted mobility is the worst for the back. Yes, of course I mean sitting. It is undoubtedly the position that causes the most...

Lychee, a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C

Lychee, also known as Chinese cherry, is the fruit of a tree belonging to the Sapindaceae family, whose cultivation is native to China and other Asian countries such as Vietnam. This delicacy, which is...
Almond milk

Are vegetable drinks more or less recommended than cow’s milk?

The consumption of vegetable drinks as a substitute for cow's milk has increased greatly in recent years. Lactose intolerance as well as the increase in vegan diets are behind this trend. However, these drinks...

What is miso?

Soybeans have been fermented in China for 200 years before the beginning of the modern era to obtain the precious soy sauces. Hundreds of years later, Buddhist monks exported it to Japan and it...
Flying bee

What would happen if a bee stung you in the eye?

A 22-year-old boy presented to a hospital emergency room in India with redness, pain and decreased vision in his left eye, where he had received a bee sting an hour earlier. Although the man...
Abdominal fat

Health hazards of abdominal fat

Although many people do not give it the importance it should when there is an excess of fat that accumulates around the organs of the abdomen. It's time to be aware and not throw...
Christmas table

The best way to ‘survive’ Christmas is to control alcohol, desserts and portions

Christmas has always been the great enemy of healthy diets. The tables dressed up with innumerable dishes forming a menu abundant in unusual recipes in the day to day is a break with the...
Brown sugar

White, brown and muscovado sugar: similarities and differences

White sugar, brown sugar, muscovado... Who doesn't like the sweet taste you get from tasting these ingredients? Well, it is not a sin to confess that most of us love it. The fact is...
Green tea

Key SARS-CoV-2 enzyme blocked by green tea compound

Chemical compounds in foods or beverages like green tea, muscadine grapes, and dark chocolate can bind to and block the function of a particular enzyme, or protease, in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, according to a...
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