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Leg injuries

Most common leg injuries

No one is exempt from injury, much less those who exercise all the time. In addition, most injuries are concentrated in the legs. In fact, they are very common in runners and jumpers. So...
Lemonade cucumber

Eliminate abdominal fat with this drink

Dealing with those extra pounds is not an easy task. However, diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but reducing abdominal fat is another matter. Nutrition specialists agree that the key to eliminating...
Green tea

Properties and benefits of green tea: does it really help to lose weight?

Tea is one of the most consumed infusions worldwide along with coffee; and among these we find green tea, of which we tell you about its properties and benefits, as well as if it...
Stiffness 4392171

Natural remedies for stiffness

Because stiffness can cause considerable discomfort and impair training performance and quality, carrying out natural remedies to prevent or reduce stiffness is of great importance for athletes. So take a look at the following...
Fainting soldier vc-mNclQkr6i3Y

What is lipothymia?

Lipothymia, also called vasovagal syncope and neurocardiogenic syncope, is the medical name for common fainting caused by the body's disproportionate reaction to a trigger (such as the sight of blood or emotional stress). The mechanism...
Dry skin 4769578

What are the best foods for dry skin?

To combat skin dehydration, there is no need for creams or visits to the dermatologist. It is enough to start with something more basic but that acts from within the body: the right diet. Only...
Bilharzia symptoms

What is bilharzia, the parasite with which Froome raced (and lost) the Tour?

British cyclist Chris Froome, four-time winner of the Tour de France, participated last year in the mythical competition while suffering from an outbreak of schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease caused by a worm called bilharzia....

What are the best smoothies for our eyesight?

Sight is essential for day-to-day life, 75% of the population has some kind of visual defect of more or less importance. The most common ones are presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, cataracts, hyperopia, etc. A diet...
Enhance mood naturally

How to enhance your mood naturally

There are a lot of reasons why people can feel down, irritable and restless. The weather, stress of everyday life, and general health can have an impact on our general mood, leaving us feeling...

Vitamins to complement the training session?

Maintaining a balanced diet is ideal for effective results in the training session and therefore it is essential that nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are included in the diet. Normally the focus is placed...
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