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Tooth infection without root canal surgery

How to cure tooth infection without root canal surgery

A tooth infection is one of the most painful sensations most of us will ever experience. The best way to get over the discomfort is to go to a walk-in dentist as soon as...
Tourist with hat taking photos

4 Tips to Protect Your Skin During Trips to Sunny Destinations

Tanned skin can make us feel thinner and more impressive. However, excessive sun exposure can cause irreparable damage and burns if we are not careful enough. Of course, the fact that the sun is...
Grilled chicken

Healthy habits to face January that should become a lifestyle

It is inevitable: the dreaded January is part of our lives year after year, making us look back and regret having eaten that extra dessert. We are already in 2021 and it is time...
Christmas alcohol holidays

Excess alcohol during the holidays affects your health, but also your diet

At both Christmas lunch and New Year's Eve dinner, one guest that is never missing is alcohol. In the form of champagne, wine or other liquors with a higher alcohol content, alcoholic beverages are...
Protein rich breakfast

What foods are rich in tryptophan?

Did you know that turkey contains a high amount of tryptophan? What is its function? It is an essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the body and is obtained mainly through food...
Christmas food

Is intermittent fasting a way to compensate for Christmas excesses?

The Christmas holidays bring anyone to their senses. The endless menus and the gastronomic excesses characterize this period of the year of which some and some leave with a couple of pounds of more....
Back pain relief

Sitting too long? Learn how to relieve your back

Unfortunately, one of the positions we abuse most in these times of restricted mobility is the worst for the back. Yes, of course I mean sitting. It is undoubtedly the position that causes the most...

Lychee, a tropical fruit rich in vitamin C

Lychee, also known as Chinese cherry, is the fruit of a tree belonging to the Sapindaceae family, whose cultivation is native to China and other Asian countries such as Vietnam. This delicacy, which is...
Almond milk

Are vegetable drinks more or less recommended than cow’s milk?

The consumption of vegetable drinks as a substitute for cow's milk has increased greatly in recent years. Lactose intolerance as well as the increase in vegan diets are behind this trend. However, these drinks...

What is miso?

Soybeans have been fermented in China for 200 years before the beginning of the modern era to obtain the precious soy sauces. Hundreds of years later, Buddhist monks exported it to Japan and it...
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