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What is the healthiest chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the most common foods in today's diet. It is a product with good organoleptic characteristics. However, not all its varieties are the same in terms of nutritional value. Therefore, it...
Hungry woman

What it is and how to fight emotional hunger

Eating without hunger, eating out of anxiety... that's what we call emotional hunger. Emotional hunger arises suddenly and asks the body to satisfy that "need" with a specific food, which is usually associated with...

Learn about UVA and UVB rays and the types of protection for your skin...

Sunlight has positive effects on health as, among other things, it helps to stimulate the production of vitamin D, to control some chronic skin disorders (such as psoriasis) and causes a feeling of well-being....
Woman sleeping naked

Three good reasons to sleep naked

Less than 5% of the population sleeps naked, according to several studies. And that's a real shame when you consider the health benefits. Here are three good reasons to consider starting to do so if...

Biological clock, how does it work?

The biological clock is an internal mechanism of living beings that allows them to orient themselves temporarily. What it does, basically, is to arrange in time various organic activities such as sleeping, eating, etc. The...

Remdesivir shows promise in ongoing COVID-19 clinical trial

In a clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of remdesivir, the antiviral drug is showing promise in treating adults with COVID-19, according to preliminary data from the National Institutes of Health. “Based on some...
People jogging in the park

How to resume outdoor exercise and avoid unnecessary injuries after lockdown

Sport has once again taken over the streets, avenues, green areas and promenades of thousands of cities and towns. Runners, cyclists or simply people walking at a good pace who are thus freed from...
Trust and anxiety

Why do people with anxiety fall so easily into the hands of undesirable people?

The new study shows that healthy people easily recognize when those around them become increasingly untrustworthy—and they react, appropriately enough, by pulling away. But researchers found that the same wasn’t true for those who...
Coronavirus woman

Why the coronavirus kills more men than women

Among the multitude of statistics and dramatic numbers that the coronavirus is leaving around the world, there is a fact that many have begun to realize these weeks: COVID-19 would be killing more men...
Stressed woman

Why do you make worse decisions when you’re stressed?

Stress can hinder our ability to develop informed plans by preventing us from being able to make decisions based on memory, researchers report. “We draw on memory not just to project ourselves backward into the...
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