Composition of a good nutrient rich diet

For the human body to function well, it should be fed a good balance of vitamins and nutrients. There are three primary macronutrients which we consume namely protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Without these, our body...
Apple peels benefits

Apple peels ingredient keeps muscles strong!

In search of an effective method to prevent muscle wasting that comes with illness and aging, researchers have located a natural compound that is very promising. The findings reported in Cell Metabolism (a Cell Press...
Healthy foods abundant in carbohydrates

3 healthy foods abundant in carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are macronutrients present in the diet capable of acting as an energy substrate. They are essential in the diet of athletes, but also in sedentary people to achieve a good state of health. For...
Suma root

What is the suma root and what is it used for?

Suma root is also known as "Brazilian ginseng", although it has nothing to do with ginseng. It comes from the plant whose scientific name is Hebanthe eriantha, which belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. Due to...
Hair exercise

Is it good to wash your hair after exercise?

When you finish training, surely before anything else happens, you run to take a shower, as the sweat takes over your body. However, for those who take care of their hair at all times,...

Why is it important to consume legumes?

Legumes are very important for food, as they provide multiple nutrients to keep the body in optimal conditions. According to the United Nations General Assembly, February 10 was designated as World Legumes Day. They...

What is fast or slow metabolism and can we really speed it up?

The expression "having a slow or fast metabolism" is widespread in society, but can the metabolism speed up or slow down? do we know what metabolism is? Metabolism is something that many people have heard...
Fresh ginger

How to take ginger to enjoy all its benefits

Ginger is the root of a flowering plant that belongs to the zingiberaceae family, like turmeric or cardamom. It has a spicy flavor and aroma, with an intense citrus and fresh touch. Although it...
FitBit Sense

Fitbit devices will soon be able to measure snoring level

It is very common for quantifying bracelets and smartwatches to count among their functions the ability to track the quality of sleep, subsequently issuing subsequent reports through their respective complementary applications. In the case of...
Toddler bottle

HiPP Formula: Wholesome Nutrition for growing babies

A baby is a source of joy and happiness to its family. All parents strive to provide the best of everything to the best of their capabilities. Baby formula and food are no exception....
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