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Don’t let age limit your quality of life

Age is just a number. You should never allow your date of birth to prevent you from living your life and following your dreams. After all, you are as young as you feel, so...

Whiplash – What is it, and how can you treat it?

A stiff neck, limited range of motion and intense headaches – none of these things sound particularly comfortable, but for sufferers of whiplash they constitute the daily menu of symptoms. Once upon a time,...

Tips for staying healthy as you age

While getting older isn’t always fun, there are ways to cope with aging and stay healthy. View it as a way to keep maturing versus a negative transition in your life. Recall what you’ve...

Tips for staying fit and healthy In 2018 and beyond

People’s increasingly sedentary home and work lives make staying fit and healthy harder every year. That’s why extra effort needs to be put forward to achieve health goals. By getting on track in 2018,...

The solution to your fussy eating problems

It is a trait most commonly associated with young children, but there are still plenty of people who grow up to be adults with a restrictively picky approach to food. It’s not a secret...

Seven cost-effective ways to protect your health

In order to enjoy a long and happy life, it is vital that you take excellent care of your health. Instead of taking your mind and body for granted, you need to put the...

Four ways to optimize your gym workouts

Going to the gym has become one of the most popular pastimes for people in the modern day, whether this is to gain muscle mass, or to contribute to weight loss. It has led...

4 ways technology is making you healthier

At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking that technology has had a detrimental effect on the health of the human race in general; it has caused us to be more sedentary and...

Factors that may prevent you from losing weight

Losing weight is the very best way to become healthier and to be able to enjoy life more. Without the excess pounds, we have better mobility, we can do more things, and we can...

The art of happiness: How public art improves our mental health

Creative expression through art has long been seen as a great way to relieve stress. However, it is not just creating art that can be beneficial to our mental health, but viewing it, too....
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