Abdominal fat

Health hazards of abdominal fat

Although many people do not give it the importance it should when there is an excess of fat that accumulates around the organs of the abdomen. It's time to be aware and not throw...
Musicians safety

Why aren’t 6 feet enough to keep musicians safe during the pandemic?

Musicians may need more than social distancing to stay safe on stage during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study of exhaled aerosols. Researchers used a high-speed camera to track the movements of exhaled...
Exercise and food

Nutritional tips to improve training performance

It can happen that people who do physical activity lose the objective, which is to carry out a comprehensive nutritional plan that includes food, hydration and rest in order to optimize performance in training...
Homemade masks

The best-performing materials for homemade masks were blackout drapery and sterilization wrap

Wearing a face mask can protect you and others from COVID-19, but the type of material and how many fabric layers used can significantly affect exposure risk, according to a new study. Researchers measured the...
Cild pose

Four stretches to do every day that relieve back pain

Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints to family physicians. Since the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic the numbers have increased even more. Having to spend too much time sitting in...
Senior biking near the beach

Looking After Your Health in Old Age

To make the most out of the wonderful journey that is old age, looking after your mental and physical health is essential. Retirement can be full of free time in which to indulge in your...
Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation promotes the development of Alzheimer’s disease

The first study shows that different forms of a key Alzheimer’s protein known as tau arise in a predictable sequence as the disease develops, starting more than 20 years before symptoms appear. The second study...
Senior with prismatics

How to Keep Healthy in Retirement

It's important to live with health in mind at all stages of life, but it's even more vital as you get older and reach the age of retirement. If you've just retired, you probably...
Allergies pollen

Allergic to pollen, yes, but to which pollen?

New research reveals a potential link between pollen from certain grass species and respiratory health issues such as asthma and hay fever. The research, which brings together health care data and ground-breaking ecological techniques, could...
Back pain

Consequences of spending too much time sitting

Who hasn't been sitting for a long time? In the West, people tend to sit down to eat, work, go to the bathroom, read, among other activities. However, this posture can pose a health...
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