Soy food

Surprising results in animal test about soy food and breast cancer recurrence

Although often the advice for women with cured breast cancer is to avoid soy food, a new study shows results in animals which can point in different direction. Women diagnosed with breast cancer are often...
Multitask woman

Relax, Don’t Do It – Multi-tasking is Bunk

Women may be more susceptible to the multi-tasking myth than men, thinking they are hard-wired to balance the budget, the boss, the baby and the 25 friends coming to the garden party barbecue next...
Healthier life

How Changing your Habits can Lead to a Healthier Life

I'm not the guy who likes New Year's resolutions. I'm not the one planning to change, go on a diet I don't really believe in, or hitting the gym with the specific goal of...
Active lifestyle

How to Live a More Active Lifestyle

If you’re stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, or are battling obesity, there are ways for you to become more active in your everyday life. While joining a gym and having a set exercise routine...

Organic Toddler Food for Health Conscious Parents

Whether you chose to breastfeed or formula feed your precious baby, you made a decision that was best for you, your baby, and your family. Now that your baby is old enough to enjoy...
Massage tables

Why Different Forms of Massage Require Different Massage Tables

The most important piece of equipment for a massage therapist is a massage table. This is because it helps to keep a client comfortable and relaxed whilst they are receiving treatment. However, because of...
Jealous girl

Men and women have different perspective about infidelity

A recently published study shows how men and women are upset by sexual and emotional infidelity and yes, as suspected, men are more irritated with sexual infidelity and women suffer more with emotional infidelity....
Medical alert system

Five Attributes of a Good Medical Alert System

If you have a serious medical condition or are simply getting upward in your years, it is important to consider getting a medical alert system. This is especially true if you live alone, or...

Environmental stress explains why some people suffers hereditary heart disease and some don’t

We all suppose the stress is a trigger for heart disease but we always thought the kind of stress causing infarction was just suffered by aggressive executives and people living in the edge. A...

5 Best Home Ingredients To Fade Permanent Acne Scars

With so many creams and ointments on the market these days it is hard to know the best to pick for acne scarring reduction. Sometimes, the best treatments are tried and true home remedies....
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