Enhance mood naturally

How to enhance your mood naturally

There are a lot of reasons why people can feel down, irritable and restless. The weather, stress of everyday life, and general health can have an impact on our general mood, leaving us feeling...
Men cycling

Study confirms that exercise increases survival in cases of COVID-19

Maintaining regular physical activity considerably multiplies the chances of survival in the most severe cases of COVID-19. This is the conclusion of a recent Spanish study that confirms the benefits of physical activity, as...
People jogging in the park

How to resume outdoor exercise and avoid unnecessary injuries after lockdown

Sport has once again taken over the streets, avenues, green areas and promenades of thousands of cities and towns. Runners, cyclists or simply people walking at a good pace who are thus freed from...
Aging at 45

When you reach midlife, you will already know how fast you will be aging

For those whose bodies age more quickly than others, the cumulative effects show up as early as midlife, when signs of dementia and physical frailty begin to emerge, according to a study led by...
Christmas table

The best way to ‘survive’ Christmas is to control alcohol, desserts and portions

Christmas has always been the great enemy of healthy diets. The tables dressed up with innumerable dishes forming a menu abundant in unusual recipes in the day to day is a break with the...
Green tea

Properties and benefits of green tea: does it really help to lose weight?

Tea is one of the most consumed infusions worldwide along with coffee; and among these we find green tea, of which we tell you about its properties and benefits, as well as if it...
Climbing stairs

Exercises that burn the same calories as running

Maybe running isn't one of your favorite sports, maybe you're not allowed to do it, or maybe it's not very encouraging. But in any of these cases, running is not the only cardio method...
Autumn food

Should I change my diet at the change of season?

Food is a fundamental aspect of life and the correct functioning of the organism and health depends on it. It is important to have a balanced diet, which has all the nutrients and which...

If you want to lose weight in the new year, start by getting organized...

One of the most coveted resolutions that are renewed every year is to lose weight once and for all. To do this, we advise you to stay away from fad diets and miracle products...

Why is it important to consume legumes?

Legumes are very important for food, as they provide multiple nutrients to keep the body in optimal conditions. According to the United Nations General Assembly, February 10 was designated as World Legumes Day. They...
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