How to lower the glycemic index: ten foods that lower blood sugar

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly a food can raise blood sugar, so only foods containing carbohydrates have a glycemic index. Therefore, those foods that have a low GI slowly...

Myths about vitamin C intake and colds: what’s the truth in them?

The main property of the orange is its high vitamin C content. This is why it has traditionally been linked to a healthy diet. In addition, the intake of vitamin C is one of...
Banana and avocado drink

Drinks with an extra dose of potassium

Potassium is a mineral that the body obtains from fruits and vegetables, among other foods. It is the third most abundant mineral in the metabolism and among its functions is to improve communication between...

When to worry about a wart: warning signs, myths and truths

Warts are small skin growths, usually painless, that can appear on different parts of the body and are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The term should be used only to refer to cutaneous-mucosal infections...
Senior with prismatics

How to Keep Healthy in Retirement

It's important to live with health in mind at all stages of life, but it's even more vital as you get older and reach the age of retirement. If you've just retired, you probably...
Senior biking near the beach

Looking After Your Health in Old Age

To make the most out of the wonderful journey that is old age, looking after your mental and physical health is essential. Retirement can be full of free time in which to indulge in your...
Homemade masks

The best-performing materials for homemade masks were blackout drapery and sterilization wrap

Wearing a face mask can protect you and others from COVID-19, but the type of material and how many fabric layers used can significantly affect exposure risk, according to a new study. Researchers measured the...

Can a doctor check your pulse and breathing via your face?

A new method uses the camera on a person’s smartphone or computer to take their pulse and respiration signal from a real-time video of their face. Telehealth has become a critical way for doctors to...
Aging at 45

When you reach midlife, you will already know how fast you will be aging

For those whose bodies age more quickly than others, the cumulative effects show up as early as midlife, when signs of dementia and physical frailty begin to emerge, according to a study led by...

How to recognize, prevent and relieve allergic conjunctivitis

It is not unusual to find ourselves every year at the end of winter with cars dyed yellow and street corners of the same color. In addition, when we turn our eyes to the...
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