Superiority complex

Arrogance hides low self-esteem

Superiority complex: when arrogance hides low self-esteem They appear to have great self-confidence, hold themselves in high esteem and often look down on others and behave condescendingly towards them. However, behind the so-called superiority complex...
Dog stray sick

Heat stroke in dogs and cats

Tips to prevent heat stroke in dogs and cats during the summer season Heat stroke, also known as hypertermia or sun stroke, is a disorder that affects humans and our pets when our body reaches...
Biking in the city

Worry-free cycling in the city

The definitive decalogue for worry-free cycling in the city The use of bicycles in the city continues to grow. Whether it is for sustainability, to lead a healthier life or because it is more pleasant...
Kaleidescape ParadiseTheater TV

Kaleidescape, the luxury Netflix

Kaleidescape, the "luxury Netflix" that allows you to watch more than 14,000 movies in the highest quality Kaleidescape offers a high quality streaming service through a platform that offers specialized servers for filmmakers and people...
Kids tablet

Is Getting Your Child a Tablet a Good Idea?

There's something about tablets that just attracts children. They're reactive, full of entertainment, and portable too, which makes them pretty much the perfect toy for any child. But children and screens are not always...
Roof working

7 Signs That You Need A New Roof

As years go by in your residence, it's important to keep a close eye on the condition of your roof. A damaged or faulty roof can lead to a variety of problems for your...
Retirement couple beach

5 Ways To Plan for a Relaxing Retirement Right Now

On average, Americans spend 20 years in retirement, according to data provided by the US government. Still, many fail to plan for their retirement until their late 40s or even 50s. In fact, only half...
Lockdown-Friendly Ways to Raise Money for a Good Cause

4 Lockdown-Friendly Ways to Raise Money for a Good Cause

While lockdowns are mostly over, and most people are starting to get back into normal life after the COVID19 pandemic, there’s still a lot of uncertainty for many. People who are at, or live...
Rice bread

Gluten free rice bread recipe

This recipe of gluten free rice bread recipe is ideal for celiacs, has a spongy texture and is very easy to make All rice in its natural state is gluten-free. The only cases in which...
Healthy homemade ramen

Healthy homemade ramen

Ramen is a Japanese dish that is marketed in formats of poor nutritional quality but can be very healthy if you cook it at home Ramen basically consists of a broth made with fatty pork,...