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How to pet-proof your home

Dogs are prone to accidents in the home, destroying furniture and attempting to flee the property. It is therefore important to prepare your property for a new pet. To do so, find out how...

4 tips for maintaining your oven

Ovens are often overlooked during routine kitchen cleaning. Many people consider ovens tedious to work on, as grime and burnt food can become caked on and be difficult to remove. However, it’s important to...

Porcelain Tile Cleaning Guide

If you only clean your tile floors when they get very dirty, you may have to use strong chemicals that might ruin your tiles over time. To avoid this, you should do lighter cleanings...

Everyday efficiency – Saving advice

Money makes the world go round but it doesn't always work, if I had a penny for every time I heard somebody talking about money problems then I would be rich, though I might...

Are personality traits ‘contagious’ at preschool?

Personality traits are “contagious” among preschoolers who spend time together, new research shows. The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, suggests environment—not just genes—shapes personality. “Our finding, that personality traits are ‘contagious’ among...

4 Types of Distracted Driving That Can Kill

Shocking national statistics indicate that distracted driving kills over 3,000 people per year. Those same federal government statistics show that more than 400,000 people per year are injured in distracted driving accidents. These accidents...

Beautiful wedding gift ideas for a special couple

Weddings are a joyous occasion that sees two families united through a couple choosing to come together and celebrate their love on a special day or in some cultures, over several days. Surrounded by...

An unlikely renaissance: Why the bidet is back in fashion

Once an icon of bathroom sophistication, the bidet has become a relic of the past after falling out of favour in the UK. Brits are notoriously prudish when it comes to matters of personal...

How to study History-Geography

Some tips to do if you want to pass your history-geo study satisfactorily Among the many subjects to be studied in school, history-geo is one of the most frightening to students. The history-geography is definitely...

How to stay happily married after baby #2

Many married couples think they may never have a normal conversation or a full night’s sleep after the birth of their first child. But there’s good news: The transition period often isn’t as long...
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