How to repel moles in the garden

Moles are small mammals that live underground and have the ability to dig quickly thanks to their snouts and strong claws. Precisely because of this ability to create tunnels in the ground they can...
Dog call

How to get your dog to come to your call

Responding to the call of his handler is certainly one of the most important rules of conduct for any dog and one of the exercises that he must learn first, both for his own...

What is hikikomori syndrome?

Hikikomori syndrome is a psychopathological and sociological disorder in which people who suffer from it voluntarily isolate themselves socially, do not leave the house - and even their room - except for the essential,...

What should I buy to be prepared for the major European blackout?

Austria's blackout forecast for Europe is one of the news stories that is provoking debate, both among citizens and among politicians and other public officials. The Austrian authorities have been blunt in their warnings....

How to neutralize a narcissist?

Dealing with a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder is not easy. It is estimated that between 1% and 15% of the population suffers from it. Neutralizing a narcissist requires a lot of boldness,...

How to ask Google to delete photos of children from its search engine

On Google Images there are billions of photos taken from every web page imaginable, and that includes personal blogs and journals with family photos. Sometimes we can find photos of our children there, using keywords...
Nitrous oxide laughing gas

Laughing gas, a popular drug among young people

Although nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, is banned in the United Kingdom, in fact its possession is illegal, this does not mean that there are no young people who consume it. But,...
Cooking mushrooms

How to cook mushrooms without losing their properties

First of all, the small mushrooms are the tastiest when cooked immediately after harvesting. It is enough to clean them thoroughly with a damp cloth or a small brush to remove the soil (in fact,...
Marvel Cinematic Universe characters

Loki, Valkyrie or Thanos among the most popular baby names in 2020 in the...

Many of you know that there is a growing trend in many families to name newborn boys and girls after pop culture characters. Naturally, one of the most notable cases in the last decade has...
Baby sleeping lullaby

Tips for singing lullabies to your baby

Singing a lullaby is one of the traditions passed down from generation to generation in families. Those compositions with simple lyrics and slow rhythm nurture tranquility and calmness in the baby. For this reason,...
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