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Airport luggage band

Carrying food on planes

The issue of food on planes has been complicated forever. Decades ago, when the experience of flying was reserved for the affluent classes, airplane menus were a mixture of the functional and the magical. No...

Three beers challenge

The time of the confinement of the first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic has left us with many memorable moments; some better, some worse. One of the phenomena that has been constantly replicated throughout the...
Video conference team

Hydration for videoconferencing

In these times that we live in, video conferencing has become an essential tool for work. Possibly in these last months you have had the experience of participating in one or many of these...

Masks for the new normal

We have to get used to the fact that the times to come will be different from those we have spent these years ago. One of the gadgets that we will have to get used...

Simple trick not to upset anyone if they’ve just scrubbed the floor

This young lady in the picture proposes a simple solution that we should all put into practice so as not to upset those who have just scrubbed the floor. It's enough work to keep...
Star Wars AT-AT

A dog takes away the magic of Star Wars in a second

After several weeks of building, piece by piece, a wonderful replica of an all-terrain armored transport, an AT-AT, surely what you want most is to put it in a spacious place and sit right...

Good memories of toilet paper during confinement

Whenever an experiment is attempted, it is necessary to ensure that all environmental factors are controlled so that external agents cannot influence the outcome of the experiment. When you try to make a video for...

How to skid a car

I'm sure you have a friend who boasts that he's ever made his car skid and knows how to control it perfectly. If you want to test his skills, one night you can go to...

The most comfortable e-learning in the world

Many teachers are still suspicious of distance learning because they expect their students to keep inventing solutions to make classes more bearable. In this case, the girl only had to record herself for a few...
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