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5 Of The Best Elderly Characters On The TV

"How this country thinks of older people and relates to older people, and how older people think of themselves ... is directly affected by what is put on television." Jeff Sagansky CBS Entertainment Chief....

When lottery syndicates go wrong

Although lottery syndicates are meant to be a bit of fun with your colleagues, family or friends, as viewers of BBC’s The Syndicate can attest to, there’s real scope for them to go horribly...

The Ultimate Guide To Classic Renault Cars

The French multi-national car manufacturer Renault has been producing cars and vans since 1899, and has a long history of manufacturing everything from trucks, tractors, and tanks, to buses and autorail vehicles. Renault also...

“Venice Shrouded in Fog”, Marco Secchi’s Photo Exhibition

Looking out the window and into the fog can be a magical experience in Venice. The grey mist clings to buildings and people, laying an enchantment across the entire city. Venice's colourful buildings are...

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez hearing loss and cervical cancer

Some things remain as mystery like no one knows why Jessica Ciencin Henriquez lost the hearing power of one ear in the year 2010. She got completely deaf with one ear and it is...

Who is Hatsune Miku?

The world of music has undergone a great evolution in part by going hand in hand with technology, especially in certain genres. But not only the compositions, but also the artists themselves, and a...

How to Make Shopping for a Bridesmaids Dresses Less Stressful

As if buying your own wedding gown is not stressful enough, imagine how much more stressful it would be to buy dresses for all your bridesmaids. From dealing with varying tastes and preferences to...

How Swimwear Has Evolved Over The Years

When it comes to swimwear, there has been a dramatic advancement over the years leading to a huge range of companies being able to explore different styles of swimwear for their customers. Over time,...
Honda Jazz

Autoportal.com on Honda New Jazz Price – What to Expect

Honda, the well known Japanese carmaker, has a strong presence in the Indian passenger car market. Honda cars like City, Amaze, Brio, CRV and Mobilio have been well received by the Indian car lovers....

How to use your time fruitfully on commuting

A lot of people commute to work every day. While that time may seem to be lost, there is a range of useful activities which can be done during a commute.
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