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4 tips to achieve success as an athlete

Your athletic abilities need to be top notch when you are aiming for a fruitful career in this field. Besides, there is not the right time to achieve exceptional physical capabilities to improve your...

5 Football Players Who Have Definitely Had Work Done

It appears that the modern successful footballer well and truly has it all. They all seem to have a vast amount of fame wealth, respect and status however some things are pre-set like personal...

Game theorists say this rule would make soccer fairer

Penalty shootouts in soccer favor the team kicking first—an advantage that is widely recognized by both statisticians and coaches. In order to level the playing field in these tie-breaking sessions, a pair of game...

3 Musical Styles Only True Fans Understand

Music? Of course, I love it. I have a truly eclectic taste in music - I consume everything from the crazy electronic tunes of Aphex Twin to classics like Shostakovich or even Gershwin. But...

The Best Women’s Running Shoes for Knee Pain

Whether it’s the sharp pain from a prior injury or the dull ache of overuse, knee pain can be a debilitating condition for runners – both female and male. Unfortunately, it’s also one of...

How You Can Create & Design Your Own Bags

Nothing beats a little bit of personalisation when it comes to bags. From cotton to paper and plastic, custom printed bags are great to showcase that added little stamp of creativity and individuality. Whether...

Need a New Sandwich? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bao

What’s bao, we hear you ask. If you’re looking for the latest food trend to hit taste buds, you’re going to want to know the answer. Bao, also known as baozi, is a type...

The Best Places in America for Baby Boomers and Seniors to Retire

Many seniors and baby boomers will soon be retiring. They will exchange their hectic work lifestyle with one that is a diverse retirement. In anticipation of this major event, these same seniors and baby...

Currency Exchange: The World’s Most Collectable Coins

Humans have been using currency in some form for thousands of years. In fact, the earliest forms of currencies were livestock and a certain kind of shell called the cowrie. We’ve come a long...

George Mountbatten

The polo playing consumer champion - George Mountbatten It is not strange to find an aristocratic polo player; in fact, many noted players of the sport are drawn from the upper echelons of society. But...
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