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Public Events and Your Personal Safety: What You Need to Know

Whether it’s a holiday gathering, a music festival or a trip to the ballpark, enjoying an event with thousands of other people can be exciting. Unfortunately, however, large crowds can also be a threat...

The Nature of the Game: The Race to Reduce Head Injuries in Football

Football has attracted a lot of attention in recent years for the serious nature of the injuries that have occurred to players. The situation is so serious that many parents no longer want their...

How To Get A Custom Shirt For Any Occasion

Customized apparel was once primarily used for large groups like sports teams or corporate staff members (uniforms). However, matching apparel can bring solidarity to any group. Shirts with a company’s logo have always been...
2015 women football world cup

3 Reasons to Watch the 2015 Women’s World Cup

There hasn’t been much hype compared to last summer, but did you know another world cup is happening this year? That’s right, it’s the Women’s World Cup happening in Canada. While the press hasn’t...

Black Friday deals with a difference

Everyone loves a bargain, especially when the holiday season is approaching and there are family presents to buy. That's why Black Friday is so popular, and in recent years it has transformed the way...

Game theorists say this rule would make soccer fairer

Penalty shootouts in soccer favor the team kicking first—an advantage that is widely recognized by both statisticians and coaches. In order to level the playing field in these tie-breaking sessions, a pair of game...

What is Your Car’s IQ?

Everyone loves their cars like they love their children. As a parent, it’s a disappointment when your good willed child turns out to be an idiot. Just like any doofus kid they’re still lovable,...

Smoothies to Please Every Palate

Smoothies are a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Whether you are looking for ways to get high nutritional value in as little time as possible or whether you are looking for...

Essential Factors to Consider when Selecting the Ideal Venue for Your Wedding

Indeed, in the UK, there are lots and lots of wedding venues for you to choose from. There are classic and elegant hotels, country houses, and other venues which are a bit less traditional,...

How to make sure you’re getting the right punching bag

Boxing is one of the most effective and convenient types of workouts there are out there. It’s great cardio, and it won’t crush your life savings if you want to do it at home....
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