Horror movies without monsters

Horror movies without monsters

Five horror movies that don't need monstrous killers and paranormal phenomena to freeze our blood with realistic situations Horror movies are full of classics that have made more than one moviegoer's blood run cold. The...
Thor Love and Thunder trailer teaser

Thor: Love and Thunder trailer

The first trailer for 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is already one of the most watched trailers in history and has ranked as the 4th most watched trailer in a 24-hour period, just behind other...
Avatar 2

Avatar sequels

Everything we know about the Avatar sequels Thirteen years have passed since the release of the first 'Avatar', a film that since then (except for a small hiatus in 2019 when it momentarily ceded its...

Uncharted movie is also the best opening of the year at the U.S. box...

On February 11, the Uncharted movie arrived in a multitude of countries in the first instance, but was not yet available in the United States. The film by PlayStation Productions for Sony had a...
Honmei-Choko Japan

As usual, Valentine’s Day is also different in Japan

February 14 is known for being Valentine's Day, where couples from all over the world show their love and give each other gifts such as flowers, jewelry or chocolates. This last form of gift...
Lord Rings Rings Power Amazon Prime Video cast

Amazon criticized for bringing current politics into Lord of the Rings universe

A first look at the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power from Amazon Prime Video has stirred mixed emotions. On the one hand, it has been possible to see a...

Futurama returns with new episodes, this time on streaming

The animated series Futurama came to an end in September 2013, adding 7 seasons and 140 episodes during its 14 years on the air. Although it seemed that this would be the definitive farewell...

CD is back: CD sales are on the rise

CDs are experiencing a slight increase in sales for the first time since 2004, says data analyst MRC Data. On the one hand, it is inevitable that there is increasing talk of the CD...
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

The best movies for rock fans

Good music goes hand in hand with a good film. This premise is even stronger when rock is the protagonist of movies. With a touch of rebelliousness, powerful guitars, powerful drums and unmistakable voices, the...
Most expensive US home

America’s most expensive home has so many gadgets, it includes its own server room

This curious video tour of the Los Angeles home of what could be the most expensive home in the United States ($295 million is its price tag) is a fabulous display of excess no...