Jensen vaccine

U.S. health authorities ask to halt Janssen vaccination to investigate several thromboses

U.S. health authorities, the CDC and the FDA, recommended Tuesday that vaccination with Janssen's serum be halted in the country while half a dozen vascular accidents are being investigated for possible links to the...
Amazon headquarters

Amazon employees reject the creation of their first union in the U.S

Workers at a warehouse of the multinational e-commerce company Amazon in Alabama rejected by a large majority the creation of what would have been the first union of the company in the United States,...
Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies at age 99

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died Friday at the age of 99, according to Buckingham Palace, which has confirmed that "he died peacefully at Windsor Castle". "It is with great sadness that Her Majesty The...

What are the “ghost guns” that Biden wants to ban in the US?

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will announce on Thursday half a dozen measures to limit guns in the country, pressured by the recent shootings in Atlanta and Colorado, as well as...
Alcohol gel

Five people die after attempting to get drunk with hydroalcoholic gel

Five people have been found dead in Taourirt (northeastern Morocco) after having ingested hydroalcoholic gel, which they bought with the presumed intention of getting drunk, according to the daily Asabah. The gendarmes of Taourourirt first...
Coronavirus ADN

What is known about the new Japanese variant of the coronavirus: Is it more...

British, South African, Brazilian, Nigerian, Ugandan, Californian? The coronavirus is constantly mutating and new variants are proliferating in every corner of the globe. Known colloquially by the name of the country in which they...
San Andreas fault map

San Andreas Fault: California earthquakes set off alarms for possible mega-earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude close to 4.0 shook the area of Los Angeles, California, at dawn on Monday, April 5. The natural phenomenon reactivated the concern of specialists about the San Andreas Fault...
Londonderry riots 2021

Why has a wave of riots broken out in Northern Ireland?

Police and politicians in Northern Ireland called for calm Monday after a third night of violence in which young protesters set fires and threw bricks and petrol bombs at officers. The outbursts come amid growing...
COVID-19 vaccine

United States at record pace: 4 million vaccinated in one day

In the United States, vaccination reaches record speed. The country is stepping on the gas, aware that general immunization is its ticket back to normality. Millions of people receive their daily dose. The Easter holiday...
Guantanamo Camp 7

U.S. closes Guantanamo Camp 7

The US Southern Command has decided to transfer the 14 prisoners who were held in Camp 7 of the prison for accused terrorists in Guantanamo (Cuba) to Camp V, a maximum security compound built...
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