Lessons from the pandemic

Lessons from the pandemic

The politicians are not ready. Most of them have never worked, let alone owned their own business. They only know how to manage what to say, but not what to do. The political...
Army in New York streets

The army returns to the streets of New York to stop the Covid-19 pandemic

New York City welcomes the U.S. Army after the U.S. Senate approved a financial aid plan to address the coronavirus crisis. It is the largest economic stimulus with $2.2 trillion that will be provided...
Charles of England

Prince Charles of England tests positive for COVID-19

Prince Charles, 71, shows mild symptoms "but otherwise remains in good health," a spokesman for the British Royal House said. His wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who is 72, has also been tested but...
Chloroquine phosphate

Man dies after ingesting chloroquine phosphate, the drug Trump recommended to fight coronavirus

A man has died and his wife is in critical condition from ingesting chloroquine phosphate, after it was recommended by US President Donald Trump as a useful drug to treat COVID-19. The couple shortly after...

COVID-19 symptoms pop up 5 days after exposure

The average time from exposure to onset of COVID-19 symptoms is 5.1 days, researchers report. This suggests that the 14-day quarantine period the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are using for individuals with...
North of Italy

Five deaths from coronavirus in Italy, where there are already more than 200 infected

A fifth person has died in Lombardy, northern Italy, from the coronavirus, and cases of contagion total 219, said Civil Protection chief Angelo Borrelli in a media appearance. The 88-year-old victim, who died in Caselle...
Diamond Princess cruise

Japan confirms 10 cases of coronavirus aboard the ‘Diamond Princess’ cruise

Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato confirmed Wednesday that ten people out of 3,711 aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship are affected by the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which has already killed 490 people...
Wuhan virus hospital

China exceeds 100 deaths from coronavirus and confirms 4,515 cases

The number of deaths from the new coronavirus that causes Wuhan's pneumonia in China rose to 106 on Tuesday, and the number of confirmed cases nationwide rose to 4,515. The figure, updated to 00:00 local...
Snowy weather in the US

The cold and snowy weather leaves more than a dozen dead in the U.S.

Snow and cold have settled on the northwest coast of the United States but the worst is yet to come. Wednesday will be the most complicated day because a storm will warn 20 states...
Ali Khamenei

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says the region no longer tolerates the presence of...

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has referred to the early morning attacks on the two Iraqi bases as a slap in the face of America. This region no longer tolerates the presence of the...
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