San Francisco orange sky 1

Fire smoke and fog stain San Francisco with an apocalyptic orange

The intense smoke of these days due to the fires declared in California (USA) joined this Wednesday to the fog and covered San Francisco with an unprecedented sky of an intense orange color that...

WHO delays massive coronavirus vaccine supply until 2022

Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the WHO, has talked about the coronavirus vaccine. "Many think that early next year a panacea will come that will solve everything, but it will not: there is a...

The San Bernardino wildfire was caused by fireworks at a family party

The tragedy began last Saturday morning, when one of the fires that plague every summer in California originated in Rancho Dorado Park, located in a rugged natural area where hikers go every week near...
Maria Kolesnikova

Remaining Belarusian opposition leader kidnapped in Minsk

Belarusian opposition leader and member of the Coordination Council, Maria Kolesnikova, was kidnapped by unknown persons this morning in Minsk, according to the channel, citing a witness. Her phone is not answering. It happened...
India face mask

Record of coronavirus infections in India, more than 80,000 cases in one day

India has more than 1.35 billion people. China has a population of more than 1.4 billion. On Thursday, India had 83,883 new infections, a new record. No other country had reached that figure in...
Alexei Navalni

Novichok, the Soviet venom of great lethal power with which Russia poisoned Navalni

Novichok in Russian means something completely new, when it comes to objects. If you are talking about people, translation would be a newbie. In the specific case of the toxic substance that, according to a...
Black man kills protester in Portland

Antifa member kills protester in Portland

One person was shot dead in Portland, Oregon, after clashes on Saturday night between supporters of US President Donald Trump and members of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Portland police said on Sunday that...
West Mathewson lionesse

West Mathewson, a well-known conservationist, dies devoured by his two lionesses

West Mathewson, a famous conservationist in South Africa, died Wednesday at age 69 when he was attacked by his two lionesses while taking a walk with the animals, police said. The incident occurred at his...

Peru, the country with the highest coronavirus mortality in the world

Peru became this Wednesday the country with the highest mortality in the world due to Covid-19, after Belgium corrected its number of deaths due to the coronavirus and subtracted 121 deaths from its balance...
Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura makes landfall in Louisiana with category 4

Hurricane Laura makes landfall intensifying in level 4 on the coast of Louisiana, in the United States. Winds exceed 150 miles per hour. The hurricane made landfall over the town of Cameron, 30 miles...
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