Stephen Hawking, the most famous scientist in the world, dies at 76

Stephen Hawking has died. At age 76 and in the tranquility of his residence in Cambridge. The most well-known and recognized physicist of the world left unannounced and in full professional activity. Active until...
Lice infestation

A girl dies in Georgia as a result of a lice infestation

Mary Katherine 'Katie' Horton, 37, and Joey Yozviak, 38, have been charged with murder for the death of their daughter Kaitlyn in the U.S. state of Georgia. The youngest, 12 years old, died last...
Evo Morales

A pedophile scandal corners Evo Morales

Evo Morales maintains a relative silence on the matter, but in Latin America there are comments on the evidence that the former Bolivian president maintained a pedophile relationship with Noemí Meneses, a 19 year...
Maduro Carvativir

Maduro presents Carvativir, “miraculous drops” that “neutralize” the coronavirus

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro presented this Sunday some drops that he described as "miraculous" and which, he assured, neutralize COVID-19 by 100% when used every four hours. "Having received the official sanitary permit from the...

“Don’t be evil” is no more the unofficial motto of Google

The unofficial motto of Google for a long time has been this simple phrase: "Don't be evil". But that's over, according to the code of conduct that Google provides to its employees. Archives on...

What are the most powerful mercenary armies in the world?

Over the past decades, dozens of security companies have emerged around the world to work for governments and large corporations, providing personnel from the military. These are the most active mercenary companies in recent...

The Trash Isles

Campaign for Pacific waste island to be considered a nation In an exercise to raise awareness of the problem of the Pacific Ocean wasteland, the Plastic Oceans Foundation has launched a campaign to call for...

British workers, “more lazy and worse prepared than those from the EU”

European immigrants in the UK are better workers than the British themselves, according to a report commissioned by a government advisory committee on immigration. British employers have hired Europeans because in most cases they...
Vladimir Putin ill

Is Vladimir Putin ill?

His rare appearances spark rumors of illness and several sources suggest that the Russian leader may even suffer from cancer and Parkinson's disease, but the Kremlin remains silent Where is Putin? While the president of...
Eagle hunt shark

Can an eagle hunt and fly away a shark?

One image has been viralized in the last few hours and many are wondering if it's real. But the truth is that it seems that it is. In the spectacular sequence, an eagle appears...