UN sanctions against Korea

Trump feels "very happy" with UN support for sanctions against Korea US President Donald Trump has said he has held a telephone conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae In on sanctions on North Korea...

Biden announces that 90 percent of U.S. adults will be able to get vaccinated...

U.S. President Joe Biden announced Monday that 90 percent of adults will be able to get vaccinated against the coronavirus starting April 19 and will also have a vaccination center within five miles of...

The world today exceeds 50 million coronavirus infections, according to Johns Hopkins University

The U.S. education center in Baltimore, Maryland, began a global record of infection, deaths, and recoveries at the start of the covid-19 pandemic last March. The map is updated in real time live and...
Syria civil war

International agencies can’t deliver aid in Syria

A precarious operating environment constrains aid delivery to syrians due to neverending fights, blocked routes and lack of recognised authority in most of the syrian territory. Although nobody want to admit it, Syria is...

Republicans will authorize the sale of gun mufflers

The Las Vegas massacre has erupted with all its crudeness when Republicans were preparing to pass a controversial law ending the restriction on the purchase of gun mufflers in the House of Representatives. Although perhaps...
PAK DA Russian strategic stealth bomber

Russia gets ridiculous again

Russia threatens the world that it could have a stealth strategic bomber by 2025 Russia wanted to demonstrate its supposed military might by announcing that the manufacturer Tupolev has the PAK DA (Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks...
Aplle Daily Hong Kong newspaper

Chinese dictatorship suffocates the remnants of Hong Kong’s free press

Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong's largest newspapers, said Monday that by the end of the week it could decide to stop publishing, days after the authorities of the former British colony froze 18...

Emergency in Australia for fires already reaching Sydney’s suburbs

Australian authorities have declared a state of emergency in several areas of eastern Australia by active forest fires since last week and since Tuesday affecting the periphery of Sydney. At least three people have died...

Improving Understanding Between Europe And The Middle East

Many leading Middle Eastern legal and business authorities, such as Dr. Shahram Shirkhani of Iran, are lending their many years of experience and expertise to the cause of greatly improved cultural and economic relations...

The shooting #377 of the year in the US, leaves 26 dead in a...

On Sunday morning (local time), an armed man entered a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, 45 kilometers southeast of San Antonio (Texas), and opened fire on the parishioners, killing 26 of them and wounding...


UK train strike 2022

UK rail strike

HAL 9000

LaMDA hires a lawyer

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