App development

I have a great idea for a mobile app. What’s next?

Mobile applications, the famous apps, are now in the middle of a gold fever. There is a human river of adventurers looking for the gold nugget which makes them rich. The difficulties start when...
Smartphones in developing countries

Compatibility of Mobile Games in Smartphones in Some Developing Countries

People all over the world have smartphones, but they are different in the way that they are used and how new they are. You can understand this when you think about developing countries in...
Asteroid collision

ESA’s planetary defence test set for 2020

31 March 2015.- If an asteroid were spotted headed towards Earth, what could humanity do about it? ESA’s latest mission is part of a larger international effort to find out. This month marked the start...

Your lifespan could be written in your DNA

Although it was always told that science mission was to give us responses about life, it seems to have reached a border where maybe we just don't want to know the answers. Diseases with...
New most wanted terrorist

FBI adds an U.S. citizen to its most wanted terrorists list

There are currently 31 individuals on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. Those on the list have been charged in the U.S. for their alleged involvement in various terrorist attacks or planned attacks around...
Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un should be accountable for grave human rights abuses

The last report of Human Right Watch says what everyone knows in the world: the north korean regime is not just disrespectful against human rights but directly responsible of serious crimes against the Humanity....
Witness crime

Kaboni Savage: when there’s no jail hard enough

What can we do, we the people, when a man has no enough punishment after being jailed and, still in prison, can order to kill a witness and its whole family? As far as witness...
MH370 flight radius

The search for Malaysia airlines flight MH370

The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has continued to haunt searchers – an international contingent of experienced rescuers and scientists who have been persistently seeking answers on behalf of victim’s families, the airline...
Refugees fron Nigeria

Massive fleeing from nigerian cities attacked by islamists

While the world is still wondering about the brutality of the islamists who killed twelve journalists in Paris last week, in Nigeria other branch of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, is spreading death in Nigeria...
Seized firearms

A street gang was actually a criminal entreprise and now 87 ’employees’ are convicted

Since 2008 the FBI has been working on a street band from North Hollywood after a massive shootout between Armenian Power and another street band which ended with two men dead. Pulling the thread,...