Iranian regime cuts Internet to stifle wave of protests against rising gasoline prices

About a thousand people have been arrested for their role in the riots that have taken place over the past two days during protests in Iran over rising gas prices, according to a security...
Donald Trump impeachment

Impeachment witnesses directly incriminate Trump

The first hearing in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump yesterday dealt the president a heavy blow just one year before the elections in which his re-election is at stake. Two veteran U.S. diplomats openly...
Venice floods 2019

Venice suffers its worst flooding since 1966

The well-known phenomenon of the "high water" in Venice, the rise of the tides, reached during the night of Tuesday the 187 centimeters in the worst flood since 1966, and a 78 year old...

Emergency in Australia for fires already reaching Sydney’s suburbs

Australian authorities have declared a state of emergency in several areas of eastern Australia by active forest fires since last week and since Tuesday affecting the periphery of Sydney. At least three people have died...

Trump fined $2 million for using donations to its foundation for its campaign

A New York Supreme Court judge on Thursday ordered U.S. President Donald Trump to pay two million dollars (about 1.8 million euros) for the misuse of his foundation, in response to a demand by...
Hasan Rohani

Iran announces enrichment of uranium again

Iranian President Hasan Rohani announced on Tuesday that his country will resume uranium enrichment at the Fordo plant by injecting gas into 1,044 centrifuges, reducing its commitments under the 2015 nuclear agreement. "In Fordo we...
Pastor Paula White and Donald Trump

Trump hires a telepreacher to advise him at the White House

Within a year of the election, Donald Trump has added a controversial Protestant minister to the White House's office of religious affairs who defends the so-called prosperity gospel, according to which God wants the...
Mexican border new fence

The Trump Wall can be cut with a hundred dollar saw

In mid-September, Donald Trump visited Otay Mesa, a Southern California community near San Diego that borders Mexico in the suburbs of the city of Tijuana. It is one of the areas most used by...
Abú Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurashi

Daesh mourns in his weekly and threatens America with the “never seen”

"America, do not rejoice at the death of Sheikh Baghdadi and do not forget that it was you who killed him. The new "caliph" Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurashi will make you see...

Europeans do not want to change summer time anymore

More than 4.6 million people have participated in the online public consultation on the convenience of eliminating summer time, which was launched in Brussels. And the message of the Europeans has been clear, according...
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