Blody weekend in Mexico

Bloody weekend in Mexico: 12 die in shooting and clandestine graves found

It's been a bloody weekend in Mexico. Between Friday and Sunday, a series of crimes occurred that show the high level of impunity with which criminal organizations operate in Mexico. The country has six of...

Stephen Hawking, the most famous scientist in the world, dies at 76

Stephen Hawking has died. At age 76 and in the tranquility of his residence in Cambridge. The most well-known and recognized physicist of the world left unannounced and in full professional activity. Active until...
Sergei Lavrov

Russia’s latest threat

Lavrov's latest threat over long-range weapons sent by NATO countries to Ukraine The head of Russian diplomacy could not even fly from Moscow to Serbia because three European countries vetoed the flight in their...
B-21 hangar invisible

Testing of the B-21 Raider

The B-21 Raider has just successfully completed the critical load calibration test: its first flight will be in 2023 Early last May, US-based Northrop Grumman, one of the world's leading defense contractors, successfully completed the...
Lice infestation

A girl dies in Georgia as a result of a lice infestation

Mary Katherine 'Katie' Horton, 37, and Joey Yozviak, 38, have been charged with murder for the death of their daughter Kaitlyn in the U.S. state of Georgia. The youngest, 12 years old, died last...
Jamming Russian drones Kvertus KVS G-6

Jamming Russian drones

Ukrainian weapon capable of jamming Russian drones The Ukrainian war also has a technological front where the Ukrainians were at a disadvantage but thanks to Western supplies they are advancing by leaps and bounds. While...
Russian soldiers's wives speak out

Russian soldiers’s wives speak out

After 100,000 casualties, Russian soldiers's wives finally speak out If three weeks ago, the number of Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 was estimated at 20,000, this...
Tu-22M3 strategic bomber X-22 anti-ship missiles

Russia depletes its long-range missiles

Russia reportedly using heavy Soviet-era anti-ship missiles in Ukraine due to lack of precision-guided weapons According to the British Intelligence Department's ongoing reports on the Ukrainian War, Russian troops are reportedly running out of precision...
Evo Morales

A pedophile scandal corners Evo Morales

Evo Morales maintains a relative silence on the matter, but in Latin America there are comments on the evidence that the former Bolivian president maintained a pedophile relationship with Noemí Meneses, a 19 year...
GNOM Temerland robot

GNOM, Ukraine’s combat robot

Ukrainian-made, remote-controlled GNOM to fight Russian troops near Zaporiyia The invasion of Ukraine is being a showcase of all kinds of weaponry. From Cold War antiquities such as the T-62 tank, which entered service half...