In America, Democrats want Democrats for neighbors

Americans today appear more divided along partisan lines than ever, and this polarization extends to where they choose to live. Stanford University scholar Iris Hui found that political party affiliation can change desirability of a...

Could stronger U.S. policies have saved Cecil?

The sport of trophy-hunting big game animals, like the recent shooting of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, can pose a big risk to depleted populations of endangered wildlife. But, the United States has the power...

Looking for safety and a better life in Calais’ jungle

Yacine, a 22-year old asylum seeker from Sudan washes tea cups in a makeshift shelter in the "jungle" in Calais before his departure to an accommodation centre for asylum seekers the next morning. His...

25 refugees dead and some dozens disappeared after crammed fishing boat sank near Italy

Italian Navy rescues boat filled with refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean last year. More than 2,100 people have died so far this year attempting to cross to Europe in over-crowded, flimsy vessels. GENEVA, Aug...

The Hair Show That Never Was

Two criminals were sentenced for a scheme that involved enlisting young women at shopping malls and other places to participate in a “hair show,” gaining access to their bank accounts, depositing phony checks in...

America’s 10 Best Summer Road Trips for 2015

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Window cleaner

Teachers and Window Cleaners Were “Bravest” Professions During the First World War

New research by UK window cleaning company reveals that teachers and window cleaners were the most likely professions to receive a decoration for bravery during the First World War. As such, they are classed...
Lombard Street in San Francisco

San Francisco Is a Scenic Destination

San Francisco is known affectionately as the city by the bay. It is generally considered to be one of the most scenic cities in all of the United States. The city has been immortalized...
App development

I have a great idea for a mobile app. What’s next?

Mobile applications, the famous apps, are now in the middle of a gold fever. There is a human river of adventurers looking for the gold nugget which makes them rich. The difficulties start when...
Smartphones in developing countries

Compatibility of Mobile Games in Smartphones in Some Developing Countries

People all over the world have smartphones, but they are different in the way that they are used and how new they are. You can understand this when you think about developing countries in...
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