Israel Iron Beam

Israel’s Iron Beam

This is the Iron Beam, Israel's new anti-aircraft weapon that fulminates missiles and drones with a laser in 4 seconds The Iron Dome has proved to be one of Israel's greatest assets to protect itself...
Kuril Islands

Kuril Islands: Another Russian invasion?

The Russian war in Ukraine occupies much of the news since last February 24, Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of the territory. An illegal aggression that is killing hundreds of people, damaging the nation's...

Trevor Bauer suspension

Trevor Bauer receives two-year ban from MLB The long wait for a Major League Baseball ruling in the Trevor Bauer case finally came after the Commissioner's Office reported a severe and historic punishment for the...
Boris Becker in prison

Boris Becker in prison

Boris Becker sentenced to two and a half years in prison for hiding assets to avoid paying debts after declaring bankruptcy German tennis player Boris Becker has been sentenced to two and a half years...
Russian tanks destroyed Ukraine

Russian losses in Ukraine

How many tanks and soldiers have the Russians lost in two months of war? According to different sources, Russia would have employed a total of 120 Battalion Tactical Groups (BTG), which are the basic units...
Hero of Kiev

The hero of Kiev

Alexander Syrsky, the "hero of Kiev" and general precursor of the Ukrainian resistance, turned the capital into a fortress against Russian troops The commander of the Land Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel General...
British Parliament

British deputy watching porn

British Conservative Party MP caught watching porn in the House of Commons The UK Conservative Party of which the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is a member, has opened an investigation after one of its...
Russian hackers wanted 10 million reward

Russian hackers wanted: $10 million reward

Washington wants to track down Russian intelligence officers who in 2017 attacked key infrastructure in their country and crippled Ukraine's digital connectivity In 1989, the collapse of the USSR put an end to more than...
Denmark vaccination COVID-19

Denmark ends vaccination

Denmark ends vaccination against COVID-19 because the government considers the disease to be under control Denmark continues to move one step closer to saying goodbye to the coronavirus pandemic. After pioneering the relaxation of restrictions...

Bitcoin in Central African Republic

Central African Republic becomes second country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender following the example of El Salvador The Central African Republic today became the second country in the world to adopt...