FBI Cyber Agents

FBI is hiring experts in digital security as Cyber Agents

If crime evolves, security forces must evolve. And due to its nature, cyber crime matches within the action range of the FBI. Even more, Internet is involved in every activity of our lives and...
South Sudan war

South Sudan is again on a knife-edge

As the rainy season ends, armed groups start to take positions and continue the neverending civil war which makes impossible the distribution of food for the displaced masses. This is, probably, de the deadliest...
Syria civil war

International agencies can’t deliver aid in Syria

A precarious operating environment constrains aid delivery to syrians due to neverending fights, blocked routes and lack of recognised authority in most of the syrian territory. Although nobody want to admit it, Syria is...
Famine in South Sudan

Famine will strike again South Sudan

South Sudan is already smashed by the world's worst famine. The new country was born after a civil war and since its foundation lives under a never ending conflict. Poors and disgraced. The aid agencies said...

Big pharma monopolies lobbying in Europe

Fragile health systems in Europe and developing countries simply can’t afford skyrocketing medicine prices. Ebola crisis and high price of new hepatitis C and cancer medicines highlight urgent need to rethink innovation policies. Today, more than...

Finland Police Look Into Wikipedia Fundraising Drive

It’s no surprise that Wikipedia gets most of its funding from charitable donations. If you use Wikipedia during a certain time of the year, you’re bound to see calls for a donation at the...

Knife Sharpening Tips For Woodcarvers

A carving knife is a woodcarver’s best tool and companion in creating beautiful wooden sculptures. It’s impossible to carve without a knife unless you have superhuman hands sharp enough to make detailed cuts on...

The Rights Retained Of An American Expat

It is only possible that an American would want to leave the United States in order to relocate and establish a residence in another country. After all, a person would want to seek greener...

Mobile Security And Privacy In 2014: How To Keep Your Data Safe

It seems you can't turn the television on these days without news of another large data security breach. As tens of millions of Target shoppers recently discovered, it's unrealistic to assume your data will...

Less Combat Means Less Mental Health Problems For American Soldiers

Rates of diagnosable mental illness and subsequent problems are showing great reduction as American soldiers experience less time in combat. As the war in Afghanistan moves closer to its end, the negative impact on...
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