Witness crime

Kaboni Savage: when there’s no jail hard enough

What can we do, we the people, when a man has no enough punishment after being jailed and, still in prison, can order to kill a witness and its whole family? As far as witness...
MH370 flight radius

The search for Malaysia airlines flight MH370

The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has continued to haunt searchers – an international contingent of experienced rescuers and scientists who have been persistently seeking answers on behalf of victim’s families, the airline...
Refugees fron Nigeria

Massive fleeing from nigerian cities attacked by islamists

While the world is still wondering about the brutality of the islamists who killed twelve journalists in Paris last week, in Nigeria other branch of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, is spreading death in Nigeria...
Seized firearms

A street gang was actually a criminal entreprise and now 87 ’employees’ are convicted

Since 2008 the FBI has been working on a street band from North Hollywood after a massive shootout between Armenian Power and another street band which ended with two men dead. Pulling the thread,...
Je suis Charlie

We are Charlie

With this note, we paid homage to the 12 victims of the savage attack against the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo in the heart of  Paris. Eight of those killed when two masked gunmen opened fire on...
Euro area annual inflation

Prices start to go down in Europe

When the Bank of Europe was founded, the fight against the the inflation was its main objective. Almost twenty years later, there's no inflation but prices are lowering across the continent. Certainly, the dependence...
FBI Cyber Agents

FBI is hiring experts in digital security as Cyber Agents

If crime evolves, security forces must evolve. And due to its nature, cyber crime matches within the action range of the FBI. Even more, Internet is involved in every activity of our lives and...
South Sudan war

South Sudan is again on a knife-edge

As the rainy season ends, armed groups start to take positions and continue the neverending civil war which makes impossible the distribution of food for the displaced masses. This is, probably, de the deadliest...
Syria civil war

International agencies can’t deliver aid in Syria

A precarious operating environment constrains aid delivery to syrians due to neverending fights, blocked routes and lack of recognised authority in most of the syrian territory. Although nobody want to admit it, Syria is...
Famine in South Sudan

Famine will strike again South Sudan

South Sudan is already smashed by the world's worst famine. The new country was born after a civil war and since its foundation lives under a never ending conflict. Poors and disgraced. The aid agencies said...
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