Sharks conservation

Scientists explain why white sharks attack without provocation

Unprovoked shark attacks are rare, but they do happen. About 60-70 times a year, in fact; and about ten people a year die from them. However, there should be more: the great white shark,...
Sitting Bull

DNA confirms the existence of a living descendant of Indian chief Sitting Bull

DNA tests extracted from the scalp of the Sioux Indian chief Tatanka Iyotanka, better known as Sitting Bull, showed that a living descendant who claimed to be his great-grandson is indeed his great-grandson, according...

Humanity’s first private space station will look like this

After the first flights by Virgin Galactics, Blue Origin and SpaceX, the race for commercial space travel continues and now three U.S. companies - Nanoracks, Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin - have announced a...
First picture of Eath from space

75 years since the first images of the Earth as seen from space

On October 24, 1946, a V2 rocket captured by the U.S. Armed Forces at the end of World War II takes off from White Sands Missile Range with a camera on board. The camera...
Ancient road in a lake 1

Traces of an ancient road in a lake

Eight hundred years of settlement history with land reforms, epidemics and repeated wars are preserved in the sediments of Lake Czechowskie in Poland. The key role was played by the so-called Margrave's Road, the...
CHGE logo

Scientists search for coronavirus-resistant people: could it be you?

An international team of researchers is looking for people with possible resistance to the coronavirus to study their genes. Given the severity of the pandemic we are still going through, it sounds like a...
Lucy spacecraft

NASA’s Lucy time capsule carries a message for the future

The Lucy mission has been on its way to Jupiter's Trojan asteroids for two days. Over the next eleven and a half years it will visit up to eight different asteroids. Seven of them...
Inspiration4 takeoff

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule blasts off with amateur crew and no astronauts

Elon Musk and SpaceX have achieved a new milestone: the Inspiration4 mission is now in orbit around the Earth. The first mission to carry an all-civilian crew, with no professional astronauts on board, is...
Mad scientist

The 2021 Ig Nobel Prizes have been awarded

For yet another year, and this is the 31st edition, we already have the winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes. You know, the ones that reward research with hilarious but no less true titles...
DNA helix

What is the CRISPR technique and what are its applications?

Genetics is the science that deals with the study of genes, as well as DNA and RNA molecules. This field has made significant advances in recent years, developing tools that allow the modification of...
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