WMO confirms Arctic record temperature of 38 degrees Celsius in 2020

The World Meteorological Organization has confirmed that the 38 degrees Celsius recorded on June 20, 2020 in Verkhoyansk, Russia, is the highest temperature on record in the Arctic region. It is a temperature, which...
Micro camera Princeton

A microcamera the size of a grain of salt

Micro cameras are extremely useful instruments in the development of scaled technology focused primarily for clinical use. While useful for exploring certain aspects of the human body and even manipulating small robots, these sensors...
Abert Einstein manuscript

Manuscript on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity auctioned for 11.6 million euros

Last Tuesday night, Christie's auction house in Paris auctioned the manuscript of the theory of relativity by the great 20th century scientist Albert Einstein. Despite being valued between two and three million euros, this...
Spain Granada street

Spain could be the first country in the world to achieve COVID-19 herd immunity,...

"Experts are beginning to believe that the country is on the verge of achieving something that hardly seemed possible weeks ago: herd immunity". With this resounding sentence, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet gives...
Northern lights

Why are there so many pictures of northern lights on social media these days?

Social networks are filling these days with incredible images of green lights at night. Or, more technically speaking, northern and southern lights. But why are these lights in the sky occurring right now? Auroras, both...
5D disc

This “5D disk” stores 500 TB and is capable of lasting millions of years

It is not a disk as such, but the unique silica parallelepiped created by Optica is about the size of a Blu-ray disc, but can store 500 TB, or 10,000 times more data than...
Sharks conservation

Scientists explain why white sharks attack without provocation

Unprovoked shark attacks are rare, but they do happen. About 60-70 times a year, in fact; and about ten people a year die from them. However, there should be more: the great white shark,...
Sitting Bull

DNA confirms the existence of a living descendant of Indian chief Sitting Bull

DNA tests extracted from the scalp of the Sioux Indian chief Tatanka Iyotanka, better known as Sitting Bull, showed that a living descendant who claimed to be his great-grandson is indeed his great-grandson, according...

Humanity’s first private space station will look like this

After the first flights by Virgin Galactics, Blue Origin and SpaceX, the race for commercial space travel continues and now three U.S. companies - Nanoracks, Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin - have announced a...
First picture of Eath from space

75 years since the first images of the Earth as seen from space

On October 24, 1946, a V2 rocket captured by the U.S. Armed Forces at the end of World War II takes off from White Sands Missile Range with a camera on board. The camera...
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