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Binoculars vs. telescopes

Both binoculars and telescopes have something in common, and it consists of the fact that they are both optical instruments. Other than that, there might not be so many similarities between the two. Some...
Greenland without ice

There was a time where Greenland was really green?

The short response: yes. The vikings saw that green land? No; they were lucky enough to find it in the summer and to touch the southern corner of the island.  Greenland was once a...

Teeth link ‘Darwinius’ fossil to lemurs not monkeys

The fossil Darwinius is the best preserved primate known to exist. The scientists who discovered it thought the 47-million-year-old fossil was closely related to squirrel monkeys. But a new examination of the sequence in which adult teeth come in—known as dental...

Spectacular time-lapse of the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX

Last Friday, December 22, SpaceX made its last release of the year from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in southern California. While many caused a stir in social networks to confuse it with an...

‘Squid teeth’ plastic self-heals with water

Scientists derived the genetic code of squid ring teeth to develop a polymer that self-heals with a single drop of water. The material potentially could extend the life of medical implants, fiber-optic cables, and other...

Gold ‘sponge’ sensor can handle messy samples

Sponge-like nanoporous gold could be key to new devices for detecting disease-causing agents in humans and plants, say researchers. Two recent papers demonstrate that the team could detect nucleic acids using nanoporous gold, a novel...

NASA will send a helicopter to Mars with its new rover

NASA has announced they will send a helicopter to Mars, the first in history to fly on another planet than ours, along with the new rover that will launch the red planet in just...

Assessing & choosing an online master of Science degree program

There are numerous types of master’s degree programmes online which are professionally run and accredited by some of the world’s leading universities. There are also several questionable programmes which are operated by learning institutes...

Calculus shows just how fast Usain Bolt runs

With gold medals in three sprinting events at three Olympic Games, Usain Bolt is arguably the fastest human of all time. But just how fast is the Jamaican sprinter? Three mathematicians show how to calculate Bolt’s...

Passionate kisses are not the norm in most cultures

Researchers looked at 168 cultures throughout the world to better understand where kissing does and doesn’t occur, and found romantic kissing was the norm in only 46 percent. “We hypothesized that some cultures would either...
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