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Zoom in on metallic glasses to find fractals

Metallic glasses are very strong and elastic materials that appear with the naked eye to be identical to stainless steel. But metallic glasses differ from ordinary metals in that they are amorphous, lacking an...

Are the dark rings around this star hiding planets?

Astronomers have for the first time mapped gases in three dark rings around a distant star. The rings mark spaces where planets are thought to have formed from dust and gas around the star. “The...

Hidden ice blamed for crazy crater on Mars

A “crazy-looking” crater on Mars caught the attention of scientists. A simple calculation cleared up how it got its strange shape, but also raised a few questions about past weather on Mars. “Craters should be bowl shaped,...

Australia’s most dangerous venom isn’t what you’d think

The first national study of the bites and stings inflicted by Australia’s venomous creatures shatters stereotypes about which most threaten human health. The 13 years of data reveal that bees and other insects—not snakes, spiders, or...

Sentinels catch traffic jam

Low water levels in the Danube river have left ships to queue close to the town of Zimnicea in Romania. The present heat wave torturing Europe means the level of the Danube has dropped and...

Andreas Mogensen launch moved by a day

The next ESA astronaut to work on the International Space Station, Andreas Mogensen, will arrive a day later than previously planned because the Station’s orbit has been changed. The Danish flight engineer, commander Sergei Volkov...

Jellyfish with tiny jets can turn on a dime

Colonial jellyfish have an unusual feature: multiple water-shooting jets. This simple but elegant system makes them great swimmers. A single colonial siphonophore (Nanomia bijuga) resembles a bunch of tiny jellyfish strung together and is much...

Roving gene lets bacteria resist ‘last’ antibiotics

A gene that lets bacteria resist polymyxins—the last line of antibiotic defense we have left—has shown up in widespread bacteria samples from pigs and patients in south China, including strains with epidemic potential. The MCR-1 gene was found...

This ‘young Jupiter’ is 100 light years away

Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet they’re describing as a “young Jupiter” and say it could serve as a decoder ring for understanding how planets in our solar system formed around the sun. The team found the...

Arsenic attaches to water that’s ‘too pure’

Can water ever be too clean? If the intent is to store it underground, the answer, surprisingly, is yes. In a new study, scientists show that recycled water percolating into underground storage aquifers in Southern...
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