Voice sound wave

Loudest possible sound

194 decibels is the loudest sound that can exist under normal conditions, but you would probably die at 185 dB before you heard it Benn Jordan explains beautifully in this video not only why 194...
Artemis I boarding pass

Send your name to the Moon

How to send your name to the Moon for Eternity and get a certificate from NASA It was Carl Sagan who had the idea of including a golden disc with basic information about Humanity and...
Endurance Shackelton shipwreck

Endurance, explorer Shackleton’s mythical sunken ship found in Antarctica

A research expedition that left South Africa last February confirmed having found in good condition the remains of the Endurance, the ship of the legendary Anglo-Irish polar explorer Ernest Shackleton that sank in 1915,...
Spacewalk astronaut astronomy

SpaceX confirms first mission with off-ship spacewalk for tourists

SpaceX announces the first space walk performed by space tourists and in which it will reach the highest Earth orbit in history on a mission of this type. It is the first goal of...
Fist James Webb telescope image

First James Webb images are not what was expected from the most advanced space...

Today marks a historic day for science. The James Webb Space Telescope has captured its first images, and NASA itself has decided to share the milestone with the world. From its official blog, the...
Egypt hieroglyps

What excuses were made for missing work in Ancient Egypt?

In the year 40 of the reign of Ramses II, in Egypt, the absences of workers and the reasons for them were already recorded. Some were very common at the time, but sound so...
Falcon 9 launch

Solar storm destroys 80% of Starlink satellites launched this month

40 of the 49 Starlink satellites that Elon Musk's company launched in February will be destroyed. This has been determined by SpaceX itself, which in a statement explains that a geomagnetic storm has affected...
Paraplegic wheelchair

Three paraplegics walk again with spinal cord electrodes implanted in their spinal cords

Personalized electrical stimulation of the spinal cord, using "electrode paddles" designed specifically for spinal cord injuries, achieved short-term restoration of independent motor movements in three patients with complete sensorimotor paralysis, the journal Nature Medicine...
International Space Station ISS

NASA confirms that International Space Station will crash into the Pacific Ocean

For some time now there has been talk of plans to retire the International Space Station, a topic that is becoming more and more recurrent when new breakdowns or other problematic situations that astronauts...

Two ‘megarays’ detected: almost 800 kilometers long and 17 seconds of discharge

Two megarays recorded in North America and South America respectively have been validated by the World Meteorological Organization as new world records in this meteorological event, which particularly affects the American continent. The new unprecedented...