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The weird science behind oobleck (water + cornstarch)

Oobleck, named for a gooey substance that fell from the sky in a Dr. Seuss story and ubiquitous at elementary school science fairs, is just a thick solution of cornstarch in water. But it’s...

Dried-up ponds are bad news for mountain frogs

The long summer drought in the Pacific Northwest is doing more than causing raging wildfires in Washington state forests. A less noticeable consequence is taking place in mountain ponds as the drought and minimal snowpack...

Depressed brains are teeming with this protein

Much of the research into the causes of depression focuses on what the brain lacks. But a new study is one of the first to suggest that having too much of an essential component may trigger...

Climate change turned ancient dogs into runners

North American dog fossils—as old as 40 million years—suggest that the evolutionary path of whole groups of predators can be a direct consequence of climate change. The new study demonstrates that predators are sensitive to climate...

It’s not clear why extreme tornado outbreaks are on the rise

The increase in large-scale tornado outbreaks in the US doesn’t appear to be clearly linked to climate change, a new study suggests. The new findings tie the growth in frequency to trends in the vertical wind...

Sand absorbs high-speed projectiles better than steel

If someone is firing projectiles in your direction, you might be safer hiding behind a sand block rather than a steel wall, new research shows. While sand has long been used in military fortification, limited...
NASA Kepler's Hall of fame

How many stars like our Sun host planets like our Earth?

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope runs a continuous program checking around 150.000 stars around our Solar System for planets like Earth. This is around the 1% of the stars in the Milky Way but this...

Watch shark teeth on saw blades gnaw fish

Scientists have used saws and shark teeth to try to figure out why each of the 400 shark species in the world has its own tooth shape. Some teeth are simple triangles, while others are...

This picture shows a planet being born

Scientists are watching the birth of a planet orbiting a star 450 light years away and say what they learn could answer some of the biggest questions concerning how planets form around other stars. The...

Mountains erode faster when climate changes

For the first time, researchers attempted to measure all the material leaving and entering a mountain range over more than a million years and discovered that erosion caused by glaciation during ice ages can,...
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