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Space changed gut bacteria of these twin astronauts

Researchers studying the gut microbes of Scott and Mark Kelly, NASA astronauts and identical twin brothers, have found that spaceflight causes changes, but it’s not clear what the changes mean. The research is one of...

Tweets make hookah smoking sound healthy

Most of the 12,000 hookah-related tweets posted each day on Twitter portray hookah smoking in a positive light, and that has public health experts worried. They say all those positive tweets could feed the...

Hubble spots cluster of monster stars

Astronomers have identified nine massive stars that are more than 100 times the mass of the sun. The team made the discovery using the Hubble Space Telescope. The discovery of the star cluster named R136...

A sneeze could change what ‘kilogram’ means

A physical object defines one last remaining measurement: the kilogram. A cylinder of platinum and iridium sits in a vault under three glass bell jars at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)...

Better ‘baby pictures’ from Milky Way nursery

A new star map includes the most comprehensive images anyone has ever seen of the Milky Way’s cold interstellar gas clouds where new stars are born. For the last 50 years, astronomers have turned their...

Sentinels catch traffic jam

Low water levels in the Danube river have left ships to queue close to the town of Zimnicea in Romania. The present heat wave torturing Europe means the level of the Danube has dropped and...

IgNobel Prize 2017

Awarded Ig Nobel Prizes 2017 The IgNobel Prize recognize those scientific advances that seem joking but are not. The winners of 2017 have been: Physics: Marc-Antoine Fardin, for using fluid dynamics to investigate the question of...

Mass extinction let tiny fish rule the seas

When times are good, it pays to be the big fish in the sea. But in the aftermath of disaster, smaller may be better. A mass extinction 359 million years ago known as the Hangenberg...

Urine test might detect brain injury from blasts

About one in five wounded soldiers suffers from traumatic brain injury, and an estimated 52 percent of those injuries are blast-induced neurotrauma. Some of those brain injuries are difficult to diagnose because people don’t always...

Depressed brains are teeming with this protein

Much of the research into the causes of depression focuses on what the brain lacks. But a new study is one of the first to suggest that having too much of an essential component may trigger...
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