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Pluto and Charon

New Horizons spacecraft is three months from the first-ever close up images of Pluto

Pluto, the space body we all saw as the ninth planet, is so far from us that we never had a good picture of it. Although Voyager spacecrafts are now far away and out...
Eta Cerinae

New try to explain the system Eta Carinae

Eta Carinae is actually a pair of stars 7.500 light years away from us and is an amazing object because it has a cycle of 5,5 years of continuous changes (very different of other...
Greenland without ice

There was a time where Greenland was really green?

The short response: yes. The vikings saw that green land? No; they were lucky enough to find it in the summer and to touch the southern corner of the island.  Greenland was once a...
NASA Kepler's Hall of fame

How many stars like our Sun host planets like our Earth?

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope runs a continuous program checking around 150.000 stars around our Solar System for planets like Earth. This is around the 1% of the stars in the Milky Way but this...
Car steering

Inexplicable jerkiness when we steer a vehicle, finally explained

Sometimes we all discover how much from our behaviour is determined by something we can't realize. This time, it's the speed we turn the steer of our car and its utility to prevent accidents...
Magnetic field in the galactic plane

Magnetic field in the galactic plane

Most times, discoveries in Astronomy don't rely in the sagacity of the astroonomer in long nights in the telescope (actually, it's quite strange) but in the analysis of terabites of data sent by remote...
Kuiper belt and Oort cloud

Where the water came from?

Recent discoveries of the ESA's Rosetta mission gave new clues about the origin of the water in Earth or at least seems to discard a clue: the water came not from comets. The water...
Van Allen radiation belts

Earth is protected against “killer electrons”

Although we don't realize the electronic flows above our heads (and most times actually don't care about) the whole humankind is only able to exist because we are protected by an incredible shield found around...

A gene protects people against one of the major causes of stroke

A recently discovered gene protects some people from cervical artery dissection, a disease which can lead to compression of adjacent nerves and to blood clotting, potentially causing blockage of vessels and brain damage. Researchers from...
Galaxies filamentary growth

There is a cosmic web of galaxies?

Researchers think galaxies evolve in the Universe in thread-like "filaments" in the cosmic web appeared a few billions years after the Big Bang. So, altough it can seem aleatory, the galaxies grew in an...
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