Images for social networks

Can you upload photos to social media while staying away from algorithms?

A new technique could protect your privacy online by safeguarding sensitive information in photos uploaded to social media, researchers say. The method guards users’ privacy by making subtle changes that are almost imperceptible to humans...

Exomecha presents itself with this trailer: mechas, battle-royale and lots of action

The Xbox Games Showcase preview features Exomecha, a first-person free-to-play shooter with target and battle-royale modes that aims to take us into an exotic, untouched world inhabited by giant robots to fight with unique...
Snapchat and Facebook

There is a correlation between problematic use of social networks and negative social potency

“Both Facebook and Snapchat have separate features that make users want to keep coming back and using these platforms,” says Dar Meshi, a cognitive neuroscientist and assistant professor in Michigan State University’s College of...
Crash Bandicoot mobile

Activision announces ‘Crash Bandicoot: On the Run’, a free game for iOS and Android

Activision and King announced Crash Bandicoot: On the Run, a mobile game we told you about in recent months. The proposal was available as a private beta in some regions of the world, but...
Fortnite cars

Will there be cars at Fortnite?

Mobility within the Fortnite map has always been one of Epic's biggest headaches, and attempts to make it faster and easier can be counted in dozens, starting with shopping carts and ending with the...
Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 is official and comes with a trailer … interesting

Shadow Warrior 3 is official. Flying Wild Hog has announced the third part of its bloody first-person action game with weapons and katanas. The announcement has been accompanied by an equally bloody movie trailer...
Bosch Design Vision

Design Vision, the electric bicycle from Bosch

While many may consider Bosch to be a brand focused primarily on the home sector, the company also has operations in the automotive sector, where it has been known to manufacture wireless charging systems...

Undaunted: magical action in Ancient Greece

Steam has embraced a new fast-paced roguelike, combining a little Hexen, Heretic and Doom to create a scary, brutal action experience. Undaunted, by developer Trimatra Interactive and publisher Crescent Moon Games, was announced for...
Playstation Plus

User spends over $1,000 to subscribe to PlayStation Plus until 2031

A Twitter user calling himself Zeus has admitted to being the dumbest or unluckiest person in the world: he accidentally bought a PlayStation Plus subscription up to 2031, spending over $1,000 in the process....
Facebook like dislike

Do you know the Google App Cemetery? Facebook’s is even worse

Google is the "killer" service company par excellence. At Mountain View, they like to experiment a lot, especially when there are market gaps that may be getting filled. Perhaps less so now, but for...
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