Micron 1 5 TB microSD card pr

1,5 TB microSD card

This microSD card from Micron allows you to have 1.5 TB of capacity at your fingertips Memory chip maker Micron announced a microSD card with no less than 1.5TB of capacity during Embedded World 2022....
Intel Arc A380

Intel Arc A380 tests

First independent tests of the Intel Arc A380 show mixed results Last week was a historic moment for Intel because it launched its first desktop graphics card, the Intel Arc A380 aimed at the entry...
PS5 Slim

PS5 Slim

A 'youtuber' creates his own fully functional PS5 Slim Content creator 'DIY Perks' has rebuilt Sony's console inside a slim aluminum chassis that leaves the power supply out of the console. PlayStation 5 is one of...
Cloudflare logo

Cloudfare down

Half of the Internet has been down worldwide due to a Cloudfare fail This Tuesday has started chaotically for many people. As soon as you enter the network and want to visit one of your...
Firefox Total Cookie Protection

Firefox solves cookie problem

Mozilla brings full cookie protection to Firefox, making it the safest browser for preventing tracking Firefox has just become the most secure browser in the world, or at least that's what Mozilla boasts since the...
Intel ARC A380

Intel graphics card

Intel launches in China the Arc A380, its first graphics card for desktop PCs with 6 GB of RAM for $150 This is the entry-level model of Intel's new graphics cards which, for the moment,...
Orbitron Avalanche Energy fusion reactor wc

Orbitron, nuclear fusion for home

Orbitron, the lunchbox-sized reactor to bring nuclear fusion to your home Nuclear fusion, the hope for a future energy consumption without pollution, is so far a large-scale international research. ITER in Europe occupies just over...

Street Fighter 6 leaks

Street Fighter 6: first 22 characters of the amazing new installment leaked The expectation that Street Fighter 6 generated with the first trailers and details that came to light last night at Sony's State of...
Tomahawk missile launched from USS Chafee

Tomahawk vs Kalibr missiles

U.S. Tomahawk missiles vs. Russian Kalibr missiles - which is better? It is considered an essential capability for a naval power to have the ability to strike long-range strategic targets on land, far from shore....
Fortnite Impact final season event

Fortnite Season 3

Epic Games has revealed that Season 3 will officially kick off this June 5, 2022 with a concert by Gen Hoshino Attention Fortnite Battle Royale players! Epic Games has already revealed what is the official...


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Orcs from The Lord of the Rings Rings of Power

Orcs from Rings of Power

Dmitry Muratov

Nobel medal auction