Why the hell does my flashlight app need access to the camera?

The controversy with permissions never ends: as the key to the security of our smartphone, it is convenient to know how they act, what they do and how to grant them. Also how to...

4 new features on your iPhone that you didn’t know about yet

The latest features with the new iPhone have lots of people excited. However, there are many others that don’t even know the half of what they are missing. Many times people don’t make the...

10 online resources that are transforming education

There are numerous ways you can grow new abilities and gain additional information in your extra time. There are many online resources to help you. Lots of companies out there to offer most aspects...
Grand Theft Auto 5 with NaturalVision Evolved

NaturalVision Evolved, the impressive graphics enhancement mod for GTA 5

Modders from Grand Theft Auto 5 are still messing around with the game almost seven years after its release, and the latest mod makes it look like a real next-generation game. NaturalVision Evolved, the new...
Future cars

How do you think the cars will be in 2025?

While in "Back to the future" the 2015's cars simply were flying machines, the automotive industry seems to march in a very slow rhythm. An IBM research shows how the car companies  executives think...
Telegram mobile storage

How to use Telegram as a site to store unlimited files?

Telegram includes the ability to store files natively within the application's cloud storage, which is obviously easy to use, and therefore will make your life easier when talking about cloud storage. It should be clarified...

The Future of Cargo Vans

Though you’ll pretty much never see one featured on the showroom floor, cargo vans are one of the most lucrative, fastest growing vehicle types on the market. In 2016, sales of full-size vans in...
Samsung Smartphones

Samsung apps allow spying on your phones and there is still no solution

Creating a computer program is no easy task, but making it flawless is even more complicated. This is what they are demonstrating at Samsung after a security firm has analyzed the company's applications preinstalled...

5 benefits of using online YouTube to MP3 Downloader tool

The online YouTube video downloader allows you to download video files in audio format and save it to your computer, laptop or mobile device. The downloaded audios can then be played using mp3 player,...

A case study about Tesla´s Powerwall battery technology system

Climate change is a defining issue in the 21st century. Tapping into renewable resources, and adopting greener technologies is more than a return on investment (ROI). It is about phasing out the dependence on...


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