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What exactly is video interpreting?

Video interpreting is exactly what it says on the tin: interpreting via a video. This can manifest in a couple of ways. An interpreter can appear on-screen to help facilitate a conversation between two...

Remember paper? 10 forgotten facts you’ll want to Xerox

Before the “Documents” folder on your computer, there were physical documents—and lots and lots of paper. Lisa Gitelman, a professor of English and of media, culture, and communication at New York University, argues that the...
Trace app

Mobile app converts a sketch into a set of walking directions

This curious app let's you have fun with a friend or a lover: you can send him/her a set of directions and he/she will realize what the draw was just when the whole route...

Study lists technology that is no longer needed

We all remember a piece of technology that we loved, and that turned out to be useless just a few months later. Again and again, we are exposed to something that we are told...

The Top 5 Trends Shaping The Future Of IT In 2017

The only thing constant in the world of IT is change. The rapid pace of technological innovation has changed our field more rapidly than just about any other. Think about the difference between the...

Female Gamers: Take Your PC Setup to the Next Level

Why is it that whenever we think of gamers we think of men? Don’t let the boys have all the fun, ladies! It’s a woman’s world after all and though you may not have...

Can a computer model conquer golf’s toughest 12th hole?

A new computer model is meant to help golfers cope with wicked winds, starting with the unruly gusts that test the world’s best every April on the legendarily blustery 12th hole at the Masters. Rajat...

The distractions that are causing car accidents

Whether it’s the kids, adults, texting or even our morning coffee, distracted driving is a serious threat to road safety, distracted drivers cause one in every ten deaths on the road. So what are...

Worrying about security in your payments online? You are doing the right thing.

World is evolving to more online services. In this new universe, you can be a pioneer who made his first purchase in a Geocities website or an insecure newcomer thinking how to make your...

Best Technology Gifts for Christmas

Christmas isn’t only a fun time to receive, but also to experience the gift of giving. Electronics gifts are ideal for significant others, parents, or your children. Often, deals can be found online at extremely...
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