What to do when you experience Xinput1_3.dll error?

Video games are a fun of their own league. If you are a gaming geek who deals with downloading games and handles gaming consoles, chances are that you might have had the annoying experience...

WordPress Website Development Benefits To Be Aware Of

WordPress currently stands out as one of the most popular platforms used for web development. It is quite easy to understand why since it is a tool that makes it so simple and fast...
Minecraft with raytracing

See how Minecraft improves dramatically thanks to raytracing in Windows 10

The infinite game, the one in which imagination is the limit... as long as an unexpected creeper doesn't ruin the party. Minecraft is one of the longest-lived titles in video games and still remains...

Female Gamers: Take Your PC Setup to the Next Level

Why is it that whenever we think of gamers we think of men? Don’t let the boys have all the fun, ladies! It’s a woman’s world after all and though you may not have...

Breached: The 4 Countries with the Highest Rate of Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals are just like any other criminals. They can strike anywhere, and for any number of reasons. Across the world, as more and more countries develop the digital infrastructure to help raise their citizens...

NVIDIA GTX 1060 is already the most popular video card on Steam

NVIDIA's latest line of video cards (GeForce 10 series) debuted in May 2016, just over a year ago. That same time it took one of them to become the most popular of all, at...
Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone will pit cheaters against each other with its new update

Infinity Ward has set out to curb the proliferation of cheating players in Call of Duty: Warzone games in every way possible, which is why the latest update to the battle-royale incorporates a change...

In 2020 we are still using a few unfortunate passwords

Not that it's a surprise, but the list of the 200 most common filtered passwords in 2020 published by Nordpass is headed by some very bad passwords. One more year. The first ten, in...
Sackboy A big adventure

Sackboy: A big adventure for PS5 and PS4 shows its launch trailer

The endearing Sackboy is preparing to live one of the best adventures he has ever starred in with Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the new chapter in the saga developed by Sumo Digital and which...

Tech bloggers aren’t trading praise for free stuff

Even if bloggers accept compensation or free products for reviews, those perks don’t necessarily lead to endorsements, report researchers. In a study, most technology bloggers who have accepted compensation, including free products, for reviews actually reported...
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