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Sleepy teens wake at night to check social media

More than one in five teenagers say they “almost always” wake up during the night to look at or post messages on social media, according to a new report. More than a third of 12-...

New Wi-Fi uses 10,000 times less power

Wi-Fi is everywhere—invisibly connecting laptops to printers, allowing smartphones to make calls or stream movies without cell service, and letting online gamers battle it out. That’s the upside. But there’s a downside, too: Using Wi-Fi...

4 reasons why virtual medicine is right for you

There will always be medical issues that require seeing your doctor in person. Other matters can be effectively addressed with the use of virtual medicine. Here are some things you should know about this...

Cybercrime Preparation Among Normal People

Global awareness of cybercrime is at an all time high. International news stories about stolen financial information have people more concerned about online security than ever before. But has this growing awareness translated into...

The Top 5 Trends Shaping The Future Of IT In 2017

The only thing constant in the world of IT is change. The rapid pace of technological innovation has changed our field more rapidly than just about any other. Think about the difference between the...

Did CCTV pave the way for the surveillance state?

Last year, George Orwell’s dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four saw a sales increase of 9500%, topping the Amazon bestseller list. The resurgence of dystopian fiction has been linked to the ascension of president Donald Trump....

Female Gamers: Take Your PC Setup to the Next Level

Why is it that whenever we think of gamers we think of men? Don’t let the boys have all the fun, ladies! It’s a woman’s world after all and though you may not have...

Seek lost pet, the most useful app of the year

Seek lost pet is a groundbreaking new app expanding daily. They are the people that encourage pets being returned to their rightful owners and you are the heros seeking these pets for distraught owners....

‘Swiss Army knife’ helps turn algae into biofuel

Scientists have figured out a way to streamline the molecular machinery that turns cyanobacteria—also known as blue-green algae—into biofuels. They fabricated a synthetic protein that not only improves the assembly of the carbon-fixing factory of cyanobacteria,...

5 benefits of using online YouTube to MP3 Downloader tool

The online YouTube video downloader allows you to download video files in audio format and save it to your computer, laptop or mobile device. The downloaded audios can then be played using mp3 player,...
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