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Are you addicted to mobile?

Do you consider yourself a person obsessed with your mobile? Or, are you addicted to your smartphone but you need to make sure of it with a test? If so, the test you will...

LightMV, a free and elegant way to create a video with photos

There are many applications that make videos from photos, but all of them have become more expensive over time, leaving few 100% free. One of them is LightMV, web application that has several templates so...

Mobile mayhem: how mobile gaming is gaining ground every day

Mobile gaming has gained popularity over past decade and has extensively changed how veterans and casual gamers interact and relate in gaming environments. Currently, billions of smartphone users play mobile games every day, and...

Traffic jams: how they happen

Driving can be absolutely joyous, and on other occasions, it can be stress inducing and downright maddening. Getting stuck in a traffic jam is one of those things associated with day-to-day living, and for...

Top 10 things to know before starting your career in AWS cloud platform

The Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a secure and safe cloud platform, which offers services such as compute power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality to help all the business scales grow. Due to...

Find the best free android parental control app for your kid’s smart phone

The android parental control app can be the best safeguarding tool for your kid’s activities. The main purpose of using parental control apps for android is allowing the parents to monitor their teen’s conversations,...

What to do when you experience Xinput1_3.dll error?

Video games are a fun of their own league. If you are a gaming geek who deals with downloading games and handles gaming consoles, chances are that you might have had the annoying experience...

Examining the advantages of a diesel engine

Over the last couple of decades, American car manufacturers and owners have largely steered clear of diesel technology. There are a couple of different reasons for this, but most of the blame can be...

How to increase traffic to your family focused blog

Increasing traffic to any such blog regardless of its focus can be a task and a half if you don't know what you're doing. However, you needn't worry and get stressed about having to...

The best apps available for your car

Without a doubt there is an app for everything these days. From ordering anything you can imagine over your phone to apps that track vital health statistics, there are limitless options when it comes...
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