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Heat makes 3D-printed box fold itself up

Scientists are using a new 4D technology to create complex self-folding structures. The researchers used smart shape-memory polymers (SMPs) with the ability to remember one shape and change to another programmed shape when uniform heat is applied....

Taking an ultrasound: a brief overview

If you’re unlucky enough to need an ultrasound on a weekend, you’re better off looking for a clinic that offers a private ultrasound scan in London to save you from the hassle of being...

Swipe your wrist to talk to your smartwatch

As mobile and wearable devices such as smartwatches grow smaller, it gets harder and harder for people to interact with screens the size of a matchbook. But that may change. New sonar technology lets you...
Virtual reality

From Virtual Worlds to Gaming: How Technology Turned Fantasies into Reality

At every turn, at any given moment of the day, it's impossible not to notice the profound impact modern technology has made on society. From transforming the way we communicate to spearheading a new...

Every part of this microprocessor is open source

Software source codes and hardware designs tend to be closely guarded trade secrets. But researchers recently made the full design of one of their microprocessors available as an open-source system. You can download the entire source...

Usage of secure Internet grows with https adoption

We live in a post-Snowden era. The revelations of the NSA operator show us how insecure and exposed are our communications online. All of our data and messages are recorded, scrutinized and archived out...

Facebook wants to left out the hoaxes

Those who one day believed in the citizen journalism as the new source of information, don't saw how easy is to fool some people and make them spread a hoax. Some hoax are just...

Roomba vacuums will soon offer WiFi coverage maps in its application

The mobile application of Roomba vacuum cleaners will have an experimental feature at the end of this month, within the Beta Program that will be launched in the United States this coming January 23....

‘Kirigami’ solar cells soak up more sun

Solar cells capture up to 40 percent more energy when they can track the sun across the sky, but conventional, motorized trackers are too heavy and bulky for pitched rooftops and vehicle surfaces. Researchers have...

The Loire Valley meets Silicon Valley – how wine is going hi-tech

Wine has long been thought of as the domain of stuffy, know-it-all experts and cellars full of dusty bottles of expensive, vintage plonk. Yet, with wine gradually becoming the go-to beverage for millennials on...
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