Can Social Media Increase Profit?

The use of social media for profit is something that is relatively recent but it really isn’t going to be so “new” soon. The sheer reach social media has is incredible and that alone...

New Technology For The Office In 2014

Video cameras have been a fairly common technology for business for many years now. Businesses are starting to require more robust and integrable systems for their many locations. One way to accomplish this is...

From Froyo To KitKat: What Does Android Distribution Fragmentation Mean For Developers?

Android fragmentation has long been the bane of Android developments. With such a large amount of freedom, those with Android devices have often chosen to run a variety of different versions of the Android...

Sony Ditching Personal Computers

Flashback to 2005: the Sony Vaio was a fashionable, hip, high-tech laptop. It's hard to believe now, but about a decade ago, the Vaio commanded respect and status comparable to the Macbook. The laptop...

Five Insanely Huge Pieces Of Industrial Machinery

When you think of industrial machinery equipment, things that may spring to mind are relatively common machines such as large-haul trucks and boring machines that can dig out a building or condominium highrise site. But...
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