How to use a laser to refrigerate water

For the first time scientists have figured out how to use an infrared laser to cool water by about 36 degrees Fahrenheit. “Typically, when you go to the movies and see Star Wars laser blasters,...

Algorithm performs an analysis to extract features from a photograph and gives its “opinion”

A new algorithm evaluates the composition—the arrangement of visual elements—of digital photographs. It offers feedback about the perceived composition of the photograph and provides examples of similarly composed pictures of high aesthetic value, says James...

This 20-carat gold is almost as light as air

Scientists have created a new type of foam from real gold. It is the lightest gold nugget ever created. “It is lighter than water and almost as light as air.” Raffaele Mezzenga, professor of food and...

Play this online game. You’ll help fight Alzheimer’s

A new online game lets you look under a virtual microscope and contribute directly to Alzheimer’s disease research. Stall Catchers, a game launched by the Human Computation Institute (HCI) at Cornell University, challenges users to scroll through...

How smartphones can worsen blue feelings

People who swap electronic interaction for the real-life human kind find little if any satisfaction, a new study finds. The findings suggest that depressed people who turn to their smartphones for relief may only be...
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