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Friday, December 6, 2019

Why the hell does my flashlight app need access to the camera?

The controversy with permissions never ends: as the key to the security of our smartphone, it is convenient to know how they act, what they do and how to grant them. Also how to...

Body image suffers among social media junkies

Young adults who log onto social media sites frequently throughout the week or spend hours trawling various social feeds during the day may be at greater risk of eating and body image concerns, according...

Data recovery made easy with Easeus

Are you too attached to your computer? Is your PC just everything to you? Does your worst nightmare involve you losing control of it? Or maybe even worse, losing all the data?? If you just...

Less may be more for virtual museum visitors

Too many special features can actually get in the way of enjoying a virtual museum exhibit online, according to new research. “What this study suggests is that, just like curators need to be coherent in the...

We use less slang after a hashtag on Twitter

Twitter is full of shorthand and slang, but a new study suggests that people follow many of the same kinds of etiquette on social media as they do in speech. The research shows that when...
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