Caldera, the new map of ‘Warzone’, is shown in detail in a trailer

During December, Warzone will experience one of its most important moments since its launch. The battle royale will finally receive a completely new map. And by "completely" we mean a scenario that is in...
AMD microchip

AMD forecasts chip shortage through 2023

Cyber Monday, which concludes the Black Friday deals and promotions, for those hoping to buy a new graphics card or console may have actually been a Blue Monday. The reason? Statements on that subject from...
ZRT Face Trainer

New facial animation technology for Unreal Engine 5 is somehow scary

The technology industry does not take steps forward, it makes real leaps with each new advance. Today it is tremendously simple and effective to create 3D animations that are breathtakingly realistic. One of the...

Ransomware is so profitable it’s changing cybercrime

Among so many cybersecurity threats, ransomware is undoubtedly one of the most feared. That someone can take control of your files, encrypt them, and force you to pay a ransom to get them back,...
Fortnite Travis Scott concert

Epic Games buys Rock Band and Guitar Hero creators to strengthen Fortnite metaverse

Epic Games has taken seriously its idea of creating a metaverse in which Fortnite plays a central role and, clearly, music cannot be missing in it. That's why the studio announced the purchase of...
Firefox Lockwise

Mozilla closes its password management app

There are many options that allow us to manage our passwords using different dynamics. Firefox Lockwise is the option that Mozilla launched in 2019 and will now come to an end. This Mozilla application has...
Godaddy website sc

Godaddy security breach leaks 1.2 million customers’ data

GoDaddy, a company that offers web hosting services, has reported a WordPress data breach that, for now, is known to have affected 1.2 million customers worldwide. GoDaddy's chief information security officer, Demetrius Comes, was...
Twitter login screen

How to delete a Twitter account

Opening a Twitter profile is very simple, in a matter of seconds you already have an active account. The problem comes when you want to delete your Twitter profile. It's not really a simple...
Iphone repair

Apple launches a program so we can repair our own iPhones, directly at home

Apple has just announced the launch of a program whereby individual customers will be able to receive original spare parts as well as instructions, tools and manuals to repair their iPhones. The program, which...
Tidal website

Tidal offers a new plan to listen music for free

While Tidal allows you to try the platform's features for free for a period of time, it does not have a free plan like, for example, Spotify. A dynamic that is already changing. Tidal begins...
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