Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2: Bungie announces Beyond Light, the new expansion for the game

Bungie announced yesterday the short and medium term news for 'Destiny 2'. The most interesting is a new expansion for the game that will be available from September 22nd, 2020. The development team will...
ARK Survival Evolved

As suspected, ARK: Survival Evolved is the next free game from the Epic Games...

Several weeks ago, an ambitious roadmap for Epic Games Store's free games was leaked, covering titles like Civilization VI and Borderlands. While it wasn't easy at first to guarantee the accuracy of the list,...
Video camera

The three best free video editing programs

The usefulness of audiovisual material in the digital world is becoming increasingly widespread, so having a good tool for this purpose can save more than a rush. There are free options that are up...
PS5 launch event

New date for PS5 presentation event confirmed

Sony postponed the PS5 catalogue launch event without confirming a new date for it, and while many suggested that the delay would not be long, the uncertainty in the US meant that any launch...
Fortnite on smartphone

Epic Games goes for Google Play with its own Android game store

One of the biggest controversies in recent months regarding the Google Play Store was Epic Games' refusal to include Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world, in the Google store due...
A Total War Saga Troy

A Total War Saga: Troy to be released in August

SEGA has announced the release date of A Total War Saga: Troy. Announced in September 2019, this instalment of the RTS saga is part of the "A Total War Saga" label, which focuses on conflicts...
Anno History Collection

Ubisoft will publish Anno History Collection on June 25th

The makers of the Anno saga announced today via an entry on their official blog that they are going to publish an in-depth remastering of four games in the series under the name Anno...
Zoom meetings

Are Zoom meetings much more challenging?

Zoom meetings are more demanding cognitively than face-to-face meetings, which rely a lot on visual cues. It is easy to tell if people are paying attention, whether someone wants to speak, whether they are...
Fortnite characters

Fortnite: The countdown to the final event of Season 2 has begun

According to a countdown in the game lobby, the final event of Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 will take place this coming Saturday, May 30, 2020. Fortnite: Battle Royale is nearing the end of...
Civilization VI

Civilization VI now available for free download from Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is giving away this week's Civilization VI for PC, the 2K strategy and simulation game. It is also confirmed that the next titles to be given away by the digital store...
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