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Taking an ultrasound: a brief overview

If you’re unlucky enough to need an ultrasound on a weekend, you’re better off looking for a clinic that offers a private ultrasound scan in London to save you from the hassle of being...

North Korea blocks SIM cards to avoid contact with the outside world

North Korea is blocking SIM cards to prevent its citizens from contacting overseas countries, according to testimony from North Koreans collected by the Daily NK website. Authorities have blocked a number of roaming services and...

Top 10 things to know before starting your career in AWS cloud platform

The Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a secure and safe cloud platform, which offers services such as compute power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality to help all the business scales grow. Due to...

10 online resources that are transforming education

There are numerous ways you can grow new abilities and gain additional information in your extra time. There are many online resources to help you. Lots of companies out there to offer most aspects...

Machine learning responds to the need for speed and precision in outlier detection

Even though it seems that data is driving everything nowadays, humans are still behind the wheel. Raw data neither interprets itself nor provides its own context. In all our talk about “data-driven decisions”, in...

Top SEO tips for 2018

SEO is always changing. The more advanced search engines get, the more work we have to put it to rank highly. Gone are the days where we could stuff hundreds of keywords onto a site...

3 tech to change your life

Technology has come a long way over the years, and as time goes on, it is only becoming more pervasive. People are now able to use it for various daily functions and for many,...

The electromagnetic cannon that launches projectiles at 5,000 mph is almost ready

This video of the US Navy's Office of Naval Research shows a repeated firing demonstration with the electromagnetic or rail gun, which by the end of this year expects to achieve a firing rate...

GPS systems make irrigation more effective

Global Positioning Systems (GPSs), are changing the way irrigation is done, making it more efficient than ever. Drip irrigation is a great tool to improve crop quality, reduce loss from drought, and improve crop...

How to Validate and Build Your First Mobile App

Creating an app is an idea that many people often have, and for good reason, too. Mobile apps are the way of the future. Everyone, including your grandmother, carries a smartphone with them, so it...
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