Sensors for athletes fail concussion test

Many commercially available sensors worn by athletes to measure head impacts may be overestimating concussion risk. Where a sensor is mounted appears to make a big difference in the results, recent tests show. Researchers, led...

2017: The Rise of the Affordable Smartphone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives in the decade that has passed since the launch of the iPhone. Apple's device had a business model similar to what the company did...

The distractions that are causing car accidents

Whether it’s the kids, adults, texting or even our morning coffee, distracted driving is a serious threat to road safety, distracted drivers cause one in every ten deaths on the road. So what are...
The last of us part II

The Last of Us Part 2 opens with record sales in the UK

The new Naughty Dog game has become the best physical release to date in 2020, and has also become the fastest selling Sony exclusive in the shortest time, breaking the record set by Uncharted...
EaseUS Recovery

Free software to recover deleted photos from a SD card

We all live in an age where mobility and agility reigns supreme. We have to ensure we are never tied down to any single location and we have the luxury to work from anywhere,...

Device harvests energy from your moving fingers

Engineers are testing a device that converts low-frequency motion into electricity to power electronics. The idea is to harvest wasted energy, like that from a finger tapping on a screen, to power a phone...

Iphone data loss and recovery

An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services  

Where Do We Draw The Line With Robots?

There is no question that we are living in a world of robots and that the future may even, in some odd ways, belong to them – or those. What pronoun do you use...

Galileo taking flight: ten satellites now in orbit

Galileo taking flight: ten satellites now in orbit Europe’s own satellite navigation system has come a step nearer to completion today, with Galileo 9 and 10 which lifted off together at 02:08 GMT on 11...

New wearables set to hit the market

Smart wearable technology really came in to its own this year with a number of high profile wearable devices hitting the market and exciting consumers across the globe. And now with these consumers hungry...
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