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We use less slang after a hashtag on Twitter

Twitter is full of shorthand and slang, but a new study suggests that people follow many of the same kinds of etiquette on social media as they do in speech. The research shows that when...

3 Tips Guaranteed To Make Your Home Décor Blog A Raging Success

Today, home décor is among the most popular blogging topics there is. Not only do they appeal to professionals in the home renovation business, they also appeal to ordinary people who are constantly searching...

Traffic jams: how they happen

Driving can be absolutely joyous, and on other occasions, it can be stress inducing and downright maddening. Getting stuck in a traffic jam is one of those things associated with day-to-day living, and for...

‘Swiss Army knife’ helps turn algae into biofuel

Scientists have figured out a way to streamline the molecular machinery that turns cyanobacteria—also known as blue-green algae—into biofuels. They fabricated a synthetic protein that not only improves the assembly of the carbon-fixing factory of cyanobacteria,...

What exactly is video interpreting?

Video interpreting is exactly what it says on the tin: interpreting via a video. This can manifest in a couple of ways. An interpreter can appear on-screen to help facilitate a conversation between two...
Woody Allen

Amazon signs Woody Allen to create a TV series

Probably the best opinion is the one of Allen himself because no one can explain this. While the supermodern Amazon is trying to expand its content services, Allen comes from the old fashioned movie...

WhatsApp vs. Spy Apps: Who’s Winning?

WhatsApp is undoubtedly a go-to messaging platform for millions of people around the world, courtesy of its successful attempt to make communication on the go convenient and fun. However, its security concerns are still...

How do immersive experiences and VR affect our psychology?

Immersive experiences and VR are fast becoming the weapon of choice for marketers hoping to secure engagement and persuade audiences to get behind their product or brand. What audiences experience in immersive worlds and...

Windows 10 is here and it’s free!

If someone had said in 1995 to Bill Gates to give his opperative system for free, probably he could have laughed to die. Twenty years later, a lot of things have changed. Microsoft SO...

LightMV, a free and elegant way to create a video with photos

There are many applications that make videos from photos, but all of them have become more expensive over time, leaving few 100% free. One of them is LightMV, web application that has several templates so...
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