Tantalum shows promise for high-density storage

Scientists have created a solid-state memory technology that allows for high-density storage with a minimum incidence of computer errors. The memories are based on tantalum oxide, a common insulator in electronics. Applying voltage to a 250-nanometer-thick...

Depth sensor could bring Kinect games outdoors

A new imaging technology could address a major drawback of depth-sensing cameras, such as Microsoft’s Kinect controller: the inability to work in bright light, especially sunlight. The key is to gather only the bits of...

Connecting schools around the world via satellite

Teachers and students from rural schools in South Africa and Italy are benefiting from an ESA-supported project that enriches education through satcoms. Twelve schools with 6500 students in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa and...

WordPress Website Development Benefits To Be Aware Of

WordPress currently stands out as one of the most popular platforms used for web development. It is quite easy to understand why since it is a tool that makes it so simple and fast...

How smartphones now cater to children

Children growing up today are no strangers to smartphones. In fact, while the average child gets his or her own smartphone by the age of 11, he or she actually starts using these phones...
Punched card reader

Main steps in web search history

Today's most computers users have Google.com (or its local variations) as start page in his browser. They think that's the Internet and, by a misterious reason (called marketing), they're compelled to write in the...
EaseUS Recovery

Free software to recover deleted photos from a SD card

We all live in an age where mobility and agility reigns supreme. We have to ensure we are never tied down to any single location and we have the luxury to work from anywhere,...
3D printer

Will the Home 3D Printer Ever Be a Mainstream Product?

3D printers are not a new invention anymore, and the rate at which the technology is maturing means that if there isn't a 3D printer on the market you can afford yet, there soon...
Virtual reality

From Virtual Worlds to Gaming: How Technology Turned Fantasies into Reality

At every turn, at any given moment of the day, it's impossible not to notice the profound impact modern technology has made on society. From transforming the way we communicate to spearheading a new...
Computer virus

The Top 4 Computer Viruses of All Time

The fact that the internet has become so heavily relied on and needed by both individuals and businesses in society has also made it a prime target for hackers all over the world. What...
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