Responsive web design

Basis Concepts and Importance of Responsive Web Design for SEO

Gone are the days when websites could be viewed only through a desktop. Nowadays, web users have the option to view website through multiple devices such as smart phones, laptops, netbook, tablets and even...

Windows 10 is here and it’s free!

If someone had said in 1995 to Bill Gates to give his opperative system for free, probably he could have laughed to die. Twenty years later, a lot of things have changed. Microsoft SO...
Global IP traffic growth

The evolution of the entertainment technology

Bob Iger, Disney's CEO, said in an interview the last month of july that "the key of the entertainment is and will be to have a good story and to know how to tell...
Trace app

Mobile app converts a sketch into a set of walking directions

This curious app let's you have fun with a friend or a lover: you can send him/her a set of directions and he/she will realize what the draw was just when the whole route...
Caltrans zipper

Testing the Caltrans zipper

It's an incredible piece of hardware and a big job from engineers but common people just call it "the zipper". It changes the direction of the highway lanes at 5 mph. and can give one...
Satellite phone

What Should You Expect From A Satellite Phone Service?

It is sometimes complicated to find a satellite phone service that is really good for you. It is really important that you think about the various options that are available for you so that...
Data recovery software

Earthquake in your hard drive? Don’t worry, try this free deleted file recovery software

When we talk about hard drive recovery, normally there aren’t many things that we can do other than having to reformat and start all over again from scratch. But don’t you wish for a...
RideOn goggles

RideOn goggles, smartglasses from another point of view

Technology industry is searching desperately for the next big thing. Now everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet powerful enough to spend (or waste) his time online and take shots with a lot of...
Asteroids outpost

Asteroids is here again!

If you're in the forties, you've played Asteroids and maybe you still have some great tactics to develop to quickly turn around yourself while firing those diabolic small rocks... Atari is making a new...

Facebook wants to left out the hoaxes

Those who one day believed in the citizen journalism as the new source of information, don't saw how easy is to fool some people and make them spread a hoax. Some hoax are just...