What will PCs be like in 20 years time?

Zach Hope

As far as I'm concerned, today's PC user falls into two camps; the savvy user and the non-savvy user. Whereas the savvy user might browse the internet with the Firefox browser and search using Google, the non-savvy would consider Internet Explorer was the internet and search using the default 'Live Search'.

The savvy would spot a virus in an email a mile off, whereas the non-savvy would curiously open it. The savvy user keeps an ear open for all the latest buzzwords; the non-savvy is confused by the same terminology. The savvy user can access their whole music collection on their computer; the non-savvy uses a completely different stereo player.

Operating systems in general have to satisfy both types of user as best they can. Microsoft has both Pro and basic versions of Windows, which reflects this need. Over the next few decades the mainstream PC user will become increasingly more familiar with more complicated, feature-rich interfaces.

To use an analogy; let's observe the Star Wars character Anakin Skywalker. If I remember correctly, in The Phantom Menace he was a kid genius, capable of making androids and flying land speeders at break-neck speeds. The way that I perceive Jedi Knights is probably the similar to the way non savvy users might perceive the savvy user. The savvy user can seemingly will the computer to do just about anything they wish in next to no time something the non-savvy only wishes they could do.

Perhaps there will always be these two types of user; new generations and new abilities will make the once savvy user into a non savvy one. Just imagine what Windows may be like if they were adapting it for the likes of Anakin Skywalker? One can only imagine....

I personally like to see a computer that was not merely ultra portable, but was actually wearable. I would like this to take the form of a pair of spectacles that would enable the wearer to see a floating computer screen, floating in the air 3 feet in front of them. Then if it could read your brainwaves and in an instant convert it into a Word document I think that would be pretty convenient....

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